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Arid (CivBE)

The Arid biome is a biome in Beyond Earth.


A dry and desolate Martian appearance with forests of spine brambles, brownish orange soil, and desert river deltas. Despite appearances, these maps can be as water logged or dry as any of the others.

Alien BehaviorEdit

In Rising Tide, Aliens are far fewer then normal, but have far more strength due to their adaptation to such a harsh environment.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

A dry, hot world with little sources of life sustenance and barren landmasses make Arid worlds difficult locations to live. Rolling dunes and vast canyons mark the landscape, with occasional oceans providing the only sources of water. The grasses and plant matter are often yellowed and dried, bleached by their sun and starved for nourishment. Sandy deserts and dry climates make for a rougher and tougher source of wildlife, and the Aliens found inhabiting these worlds are few and far between, but those that are to be found are not to be trifled with. Raised in a tough climate and taking survival of the fittest to the maximum, these creatures have bred to be stronger and hardier than any other known extraterrestrial creatures.

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