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Aristotle's Lyceum is the Wonder that's meant for the Greek civilization in Call to Power II. It requires Philosophy. This Wonder improves science in the host civilization by 20%. It also never expires. Its building cost is 3,240 Production Points.


One of the first and most important organized educational institutions, Aristotle's Lyceum is a source of inspiration and discovery for all. It brings with it an increase in Science across the host empire.

Great Library entry[]

Along with Plato, Aristotle was one of the two greatest Greek intellectual figures. More than any other thinker, Aristotle had a profound affect on Western philosophy and science that continued well into modern times. In 335 BC, he founded a school in a grove sacred to Apollo Lyceius. Aristotle was in the habit of walking around the grove of the Lyceum while lecturing his students. This earned the school and its students the label of Peripatetics (from the Greek words peri and patein, meaning "around" and "walk," respectively). The notes for his lectures, later edited by his successors, comprise the bulk of Aristotle's extant writings.



Call to Power 2 - Aristotle's Lyceum

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