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Army battle

A Pikemen Army engaging a Legion Army in battle

Sid Meier introduced players to a number of new features in Civilization Revolution, including new buildings, wonders, and game mechanics. One such mechanic is the ability to form units into an Army - or, for naval units or air units, a Fleet or a Wing (respectively) - which can be exceedingly useful for players who want to maximize their military strength.

Creating an Army[]

An Army is formed from any three of the same type of unit. It is larger and more powerful than a single unit and is able to move, attack, and defend as such, eliminating the need to select individual units. Armies are quite effective at destroying Barbarian villages and capturing poorly protected cities.

To create an Army, players need only move two other units onto the same tile as another unit of the same type - they can, for example, move two other Warriors onto the same tile as another Warrior - and then press the Y button (on the Xbox 360) or the Triangle button (on the PlayStation 3). This will combine all three units into an Army and allow them to move and battle as one.

Advantages of Armies[]

Armies have several advantages over individual units:

  • They are much more powerful than a single unit.
  • They move, attack, and defend as a single unit, allowing other units (or armies) to be placed adjacent to them for support.
  • If a single unit in an Army learned an ability before being added to the Army, the entire Army gains that ability. For example, if a Tank with the Medic ability joins with two other Tanks to form an Army, the Medic ability will allow all of the Tanks in the Army to heal in enemy territory.

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