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Lake Evendim1b

Lake Evendim, where the capital of Arnor once stood.

Lake Evendim2b

Lake Evendim; it is only 2 terrain tiles big in the game.

The Arnorians are a custom civilization in Call to Power II. They have a history that spanned centuries and had several leaders over that time. Their empire was very large, covering a very broad area.

Notable cities with coordinates[]

Name Location Notes
Bareketta 004,028
Annuminas 002,031 Early capital (ruins by the late Third Age)
Maegoth 002,029 Later capital in the early Third Age
Rivendell 016,036 Capital of the Elf civilization by Third Age calendar
N.Trollshaws 0??,0?? Borders Rivendell
S.Trollshaws 0??,0?? Borders Rivendell
Enerond 001,024 Cannot be built if you are playing the 3 Kingdoms Era
Nirmolian 000,035
Tarmabar 067,036