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Arthur is a Hero in Civilization VI. He is exclusive to the Heroes & Legends game mode, introduced in the Babylon Pack.

  • Attributes:
    • Has 4 Action charges (Civ6).png Charges.
    • Counts as a heavy cavalry unit.
    • Cannot earn experience or Promotion Promotions.
    • Does not end his turn after using his active ability.
  • Abilities:
    • Arthur's Accolade: Target an adjacent land military unit you control. Arthur transforms the unit into a Questing Knight: a unique heavy cavalry unit with increased Strength Combat Strength and 12 Lifespan (Civ6).png Lifespan. Costs 1 Charge and 1 Movement Movement.


Like all Hero units, Arthur's Strength Strength increases with the progression of the eras, as shown in the table below.

Era Strength Combat Strength
Classical 50
Medieval 64
Renaissance 72
Industrial 80
Modern 94
Atomic 108
Information 120
Future 132

Arthur is a Hero designed for one thing only: rushing an enemy civilization within a very limited time frame. Among the twelve Heroes, he is the one with the fewest "tricks" up his sleeve; his only ability transforms an adjacent unit into a Questing Knight, a unique heavy cavalry unit with a limited Lifespan (Civ6).png Lifespan. The Strength Combat Strength of a Questing Knight depends on the current game era, regardless of the original unit, so it is actually beneficial to knight obsolete units instead of advanced ones. Right after being knighted, the Questing Knight is able to move and attack in the same turn, even when the original unit has already done so. Arthur has 4 Action charges (Civ6).png Charges, which can result in a small army of 4 Questing Knights. However, a huge downside of this ability is that a Questing Knight only exists for 12 turns and dies without turning back into the original unit afterward. Every time you use Arthur's Accolade on a unit, you only improve its Strength Combat Strength for 12 turns and then condemn it to death. The later it is into the game, the higher the cost of this ability is, since you have to turn more and more expensive units into Questing Knights. Moreover, since the Questing Knight's Strength Combat Strength depends on the current World Era, Questing Knights are underwhelming if you are very technologically advanced and able to unlock units way ahead of their respective eras. Its Strength Combat Strength starts at 34 in the Ancient Era and scales upward roughly 10 more Strength Combat Strength per era, so it is only as strong as a unit of the era immediately after. If your enemies have slightly above average Science Science, the Questing Knight is by no means unstoppable. And if you are so ahead of your opponents in terms of Science Science, you will win with your advanced units anyway, making it pointless to recruit Arthur.

Despite having the highest base Strength Combat Strength himself (rivaling that of Hercules), Arthur's bag of tricks is a lot less diverse and useful than his counterparts, making him generally on the weaker side of the Hero spectrum. He's definitely not on the power of level of Hercules, Sinbad, or Himiko, whose generalist abilities can lend themselves to all victory conditions and are coveted by all civilizations. However, there are a few leaders and civilizations that love summoning Arthur if they happen to discover him. The best leader for Arthur is undoubtedly Basil II of Byzantium, whose cavalry units are a menace since they can deal full damage to walls and cities. You can also try to use Arthur's ability on levied units; Questing Knights can traverse rough terrain a lot faster, and you don't lose any invested Production Production when the Questing Knights go away. Therefore, Sumeria or Matthias Corvinus may find Arthur helpful (although when it comes to city-states and levying, Arthur cannot compete with Himiko if she is also discovered). To a lesser extent, Simón Bolívar and Genghis Khan may also find some use for Arthur, since cavalry units under these two leaders are faster and stronger, although 1 extra Movement Movement and 3 extra Strength Combat Strength don't warrant picking Arthur every single game when you play as Gran Colombia or Mongolia. Overall, for every other domination-oriented civilization except Byzantium, unless you are unlucky with the discovery of Heroes, there are better Hero choices than Arthur.


As of v1.0.8.4, Arthur can use his ability on civilian and support units. If one of these units stands on the same tile as a military unit and Arthur uses his ability on that tile, the non-military unit will be knighted instead of the military unit. However, Arthur cannot knight non-military units when they're standing on their own.

Civilopedia entry[]

The story of King Arthur has been told and re-told in a dizzying number of ways, moving from oral legend to medieval romance to Romantic literature classic to science fiction. It has been told so many times that finding the origin of the legend is difficult, though uncovering pastiche starring Lancelot, Guinevere, Arthur, and the Round Table is not. In nearly all of the tales, Arthur is a wise king who has gathered a group of noble knights who undertake dangerous but often pious quests. While areas all over the British Isles claim some reference to Arthur, in the earliest tellings, Arthur is a Welsh or Breton hero who defends the land from invaders - something which would have been very much on the minds of Brythonic (British) Celts facing invasions of the Germanic Angles, Saxons, and Danes during the Dark Ages.

In its medieval form, Arthur’s story is a tragic one. As a child, he presaged his destiny by pulling the magical sword Excalibur from a stone, signifying that he would one day become the king of Britain. Over time, he becomes a righteous king. His knights of the Round Table and he have a number of adventures, most famously the quest for the Holy Grail – the cup that supposedly caught Jesus Christ’s blood as he hung on the cross. The most famous of these knights, Lancelot, fell in love with Arthur’s queen, Guinevere, and the two begin an affair. Arthur, enraged, condemns the queen to death, but Lancelot heroically saves her, thus provoking a war between the two former friends.

Local lore has it that he rests somewhere in the land of Avalon, waiting to save the day when England is again threatened. He could, despite popular depictions, count to three without immediately leaping to five and appeared to have no unusual issues with rabbits.



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