High-Mass Friction Welder artifact (Rising Tide)

High-Mass Friction Welder, an Old Earth artifact

Artifacts have been added to Beyond Earth in the Rising Tide expansion. In this system, players collect and combine powerful relics for powerful bonuses.

Artifact types and acquisitionEdit

  • Old Earth Relics are the most commonly found of the three artifact types. They are most easily acquired by recovering Resource Pods. One can also be recovered by having an explorer perform an expedition on several different types of expedition sites: Crashed Satellite, Derelict Settlement, Sunken Spacecraft, Sunken Vehicle, or Wrecked Colony Lander.
  • Alien Biology Artifacts are most readily found by pillaging Alien Nests. One can also by found by performing an expedition on an Alien Skeleton or a Kraken Nest.
  • Progenitor Artifacts are the most rare of the three types. One can only be found by performing an expedition on Progenitor Ruins or a Progenitor Device, both of which are relatively uncommon expedition sites.

In all cases, there is no guaranteed method of acquiring an artifact. Each applicable method only has a random chance of providing an artifact, in addition to normal rewards. For each artifact category, there is base acquisition rate:

  • Old Earth: 20%
  • Alien: 38%
  • Progenitor: 55%

After each expedition or destroyed nest, if no artifact was acquired, the acquisition rate for corresponding category is increased:

  • Old Earth: +10%
  • Alien: +7%
  • Progenitor: +3%

Although the artifact category is set, the quality and type of the artifact is randomly generated each time one is acquired. If a civilization is holding a certain type of artifact, chances are much lower a second duplicate of that type will be acquired, even if it is of a different quality level. Thus, if a civilization hoards artifacts, it should be able to gain a wider variety of artifacts and rewards from which to choose.

Artifact usageEdit

Players have the choice of either immediately using one artifact, two, or three, to gain varying bonuses. Using one or two artifacts provides a small amount of production, culture, or research. Waiting to combine a group of two or three will unlock a wonder, building, or other perk.

Artifacts can be found in three conditions:

  • Battered: low bonuses
  • Worn
  • Pristine: high bonuses

Artifact rewards Edit

Each artifact combination is a part of a list of possible rewards.

For artifacts of a similar category, the possible reward list is formed from the preferred reward property of each artifact used.

For mixed category artifacts, the possible reward list is formed from the preferred reward property of each artifact used and it's special (category-less) reward set.

Each civilization can not receive the same reward twice, so if one has received all of the rewards from the selected artifacts, other rewards from the same category of artifacts are added to the possible reward list.

If all of the rewards from this artifact category are received by a civilization, all remaining rewards are added to the possible reward list.


  1. All artifacts have a hidden preferred reward.
  2. Mixing artifacts allows players to tap into special rewards.
  3. With enough Explorers scouring the map, it may be possible to receive every reward in a single game (AI factions may get to some first, and you have a random chance of finding something or finding nothing).
Preferred Reward Settings
Category Preferred Reward Function Artifact Combinations
Old Earth

Warp Spire (CivBE)

Warp Spire +50% yields from domestic Trade Routes

Suspended Animation Chamber • Near-Lightspeed Accelerator • Polypeptor Organic Antifreeze • High Mass Friction Welder

Drone Command (CivBE)

Drone Command Work 2 more tiles than a City has 22xPopulationBE Citizens

Senor Caffeine • Drone Hive Mind • Clean Air Generator • Butuiller Family Drone

Old Voice Archives (CivBE)

Old Voice Archives +10% yields while at war

Personal Meditation Helmet • MedalMark Media Cube• Isotopic Decay Three• Strings of Cremona

Pan-Spectral Observatory (CivBE)

Pan-Spectral Observatory The city has +100% 20xProductionBE Production for Orbital Units, and it earns +2 city orbital coverage

Volumetric Component Printer • Plasma Turbine Engine• Impossible Drive• Silver-Pont Navigational Gyroscope

Frontier Stadium (CivBE)

Frontier Stadium +10 City Defense, Military Units starts with a free promotion

Hull Repair Suit • Jowler Ball Field Set • Thoughtful Chess Set • Progeny 2 Interactive Family Tree

Xenomass Bath House (CivBE)

Xenomass Bathhouse +2 20xCultureBE Culture, Units heal 100% after one turn in City

Collapsing Family Library • Speech-Compression Computer • Population Estimation Computer • Phantom Medical Remote Operating Theatre


Artifact Reward Image 1

Zygotic Engineering +100% Outpost Growth Speed

Ross Weed • Noose Vertebrae • Giant Pheromone Sack

Artifact Reward Image 2

Sky Chitin +50% 20xStrengthBE Strength, +3 Range to Air units

Lattus Ore • Cloud Coral • Macroelectrons • Breeze Weed • Carbon Hail

Artifact Reward Image 2

Counter Battery Fire Siege Unit Ability: Lower an enemy unit's Defense by 20% for the remainder of your turn Seismic Sounding Fork • Zero Point Soil • Pressurized Magma Sample • Mobius Horn

Artifact Reward Image 2

Vapor Shield All units gain +100% Defense when embarked Jelly Stalk Ring • Soap Seed • Acidic Crystals • Flexible Keratin Tusk

Artifact Reward Image 2

Projected Chassis Construction +2 Worker Movement Speed Cocoon Flies • Crystal Shrimp Pupa • Floating Canopy Worms • Electric Brain Moss

Artifact Reward Image 2

Tidal Navigation Naval Units Gain +100% Defense Against Ranged Attacks Crystal Shrimp Adult • Carnivorous Hive Eels • Heterophobic Solution • Tungsten Bubbles

Tessellation Foundry (CivBE)

Tessellation Foundry Military Units complete 30% faster Geon Spores • Tessellation Vault • Single-Pass Geometry • Atomic Tesselator

Dimension Folding Complex (CivBE)

Dimension Folding Complex -50% 20xUnHealthBE Unhealth from City 22xPopulationBE Population

Jelly Space • Planes of Dimensional Influence • Dimension Oven • The Folder

Machine-Assisted Free Will (CivBE)

Machine-Assisted Free Will Leaf Technology Costs 15% less 20xScienceBE Science

Void Spectre • M-Theory Capsule • Sporadic Listener • Confounding Object

Temporal Calculus (CivBE)

Temporal Calculus All Units gain +100% Visibility Auratic Magnet • Models of Entropy • Deviation Fork • Causal Looking Glass

Quantum Politics (CivBE)

Quantum Politics Increases Virtue acquisition by 20%

Superposition Containment Device • Decoherence Chamber • Superposition • Fundamental Object

Relativistic Data Bank (CivBE)

Relativistic Data Bank -1 Intrigue per turn in all Cities

Temporal Injector • String Weaver • Fixed Position Locator • Bright Matter


Artifact Reward Image 1

Tesseract Targeting Cities can bombard through terrain obstacles Cocoon Flies + Isotopic Decay Three + Near-Lightspeed Accelerator

Artifact Reward Image 1

Soul Discerner Training +25% Covert Operation Speed Flexible Keratin Tusk +

Butuiller Co. Family Drone +
Jowler Ball Field Set

Artifact Reward Image 1

Xenoanthropology Artifacts are discovered 20% more often Cocoon Flies + Isotopic Decay Three + Breeze Weed; MedalMark Media Cube + Polypeptor Organic Antifreeze + Auratic Magnet; Superposition + String Weaver + Carbon Hail

Artifact Reward Image 1

Slumber-Slaughter Extract +50% Worker Build Speed Thoughtful Chess Set + Seismic Sounding Fork + M-Theory Capsule

Artifact Reward Image 1

Ground-Penetrating LIDAR +100% Expedition Speed None

Artifact Reward Image 1

Statecraft +2 20xDiplomaticCapitalBE Diplomatic Capital from Agreements Isotopic Decay Three + Near-Lightspeed Accelerator + Breeze Weed


Old EarthEdit



Trivia Edit

  • One of the Old Earth Artifacts that can be found is a video game named Isotopic Decay 3, in a reference to Half Life 3.
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