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Artistic Genius is a social policy in Civilization V. It is part of the Aesthetics tree and requires Fine Arts.

Sometimes genius appears out of nowhere. And sometimes it appears as a result of the gradual refinement and careful directioning of the nation's creative spirit by the government.

Game InfoEdit

Strategy Edit

This is a simple, yet powerful Policy. It gives you a free Great Artist, which appears near the Capital5 Capital. It is, of course, your choice how you will use it. Note that the appearance of this Artist will have the usual effect of increasing the number of GPP required to get the next one.

The only consideration here would be whether or not you need a Great Artist right now. If not, spend your 20xCulture5 Culture on another Policy of more immediate use, and leave Artistic Genius as your last Policy with which you wrap up that tree.

Civilopedia entryEdit

An artistic genius might be defined as someone who has the creativity, originality and skill to bring about beauty in an art form, whatever it may be. Artistic genius can even be applied to performance, as with choreography, orchestration or theater. The history of civilization is dotted with literary, artistic and performance geniuses, often temperamental but always brilliant in their field.

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