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The AstroTech Corporation is a playable faction in Final Frontier, a scenario in Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword.

Civilopedia entry[]

The Astrotech Corporation was founded as a PDE subcontractor in 2247 AD to develop new forms of technology for the PDE. In order to expand its research capabilities it was moved to the newly founded Colony of Isaris in 2254 AD. With the resources of a whole Colony and limited supervision, it was hoped that Astrotech would provide a vast array of new if perhaps controversial technologies with which to extend Earth's dominance. Originally, many projects did result in great breakthroughs that allowed for faster starships, cheaper and more effective life support systems and new construction materials.

This pace of development would not last forever. Astrotech productivity began to drop off about 30 years after moving to Isaris. It was explained as the result of rising development costs and the increasing complexity of perfecting new technologies. In actuality, Astrotech had been subverted by a group of ambitious and wealthy businessmen. Over time they infiltrated the corporation and, using their financial might, eventually took it over outright. It was not long after this that project funding was diverted into more military-based research - in secret. When communications with Earth ceased in 2302, complete control of Isaris had been achieved, but the ultimate goal was much greater. Knowing that humanity's defenses were weak across the board, the role of the new weapons Astrotech sought to deploy was no less than to be the tools with which to forge an interstellar empire.