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Attitude in Civilization II determines the number of happy and angry citizens a city has. Cities with more unhappy citizens than happy citizens will go into civil disorder. Should a city remain in civil disorder for several terms, a civilization's government will collapse into Anarchy. Should a city with a population of 3 or more have more happy citizens than content citizens, while having no unhappy citizens, the city will celebrate We Love the King Day, and several bonuses will be provided in that city.

Difficulty Level[]

Unhappy citizens will be added to a city in increments determined by a player's difficulty level.

Difficulty Level Next Citizen Unhappy
Chieftain 6
Warlord 5
Prince 4
King 3
Emperor 2
Deity 1


Main article: Luxuries (Civ2)

Each two Luxury (Civ2).pngLuxuries makes one content citizen happy, or one unhappy citizen content


Martial Law[]

The governments Despotism, Monarchy, and Communism may declare martial law in a city. Units, up to three, stationed a city will make one unhappy citizen content.

Democracies and Republics[]

Each unit, of a Republic that is not in a friendly city (or in a Fortress within three squares of a friendly city) causes one citizen in its home city to become unhappy. In Democracy that number is two.


Fundamentalist governments do not experience unhappiness. Improvements that pacify unhappy citizens like temples provide tax revenue. While Fundamentalist governments usually don't have happy citizens, some wonders can make some citizens happy.


  • Temple (Civ2).png Temple - Decrease unhappy citizens by 2 (Double with the Oracle)
  • Colosseum (Civ2).png Colosseum - Decrease unhappy citizens by 3 (four after Electronics discovered)
  • Cathedral (Civ2).png Cathedral - Decrease unhappy citizens by 4 (three after Communism is discovered)
  • Courthouse (Civ2).png Courthouse - Makes 1 content citizen happy (in Democracies)
  • Palace (Civ2).png Palace - Makes 1 content citizen happy (in Democracies)
  • Police Station (Civ2).png Police Station - Decrease unhappiness (in Democracies and Republics) for units away from city by 1.

* Marketplaces, Banks, and Stock Exchanges can increase luxury rates which in turn makes citizens happy. Superhighways increase trade, which can also increase luxuries.


Civilopedia entry[]

Unhappiness Due to Civilization Size[]

Once you have built a certain number of cities, your citizens start to worry about your ability to effectively govern your civilization. When this occurs, additional unhappy citizens appear in each city.

The number of cities you can build before causing additional unhappiness is based on a number of factors, including game difficulty level and government type. The number of cities is higher for more advanced governments and lower levels of difficulty.

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