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The August 2011 patch is a major patch to Civilization V that was published on 10 August 2011. The following is a list of changes as announced by 2K Games.[1]


  • Prevent creating duplicate great people by lagging the free great person UI.
  • Yield modifiers of buildings from policies are now shown in the tooltip of that building in the choose production UI.
  • Production tooltip in City View now displays the production penalty (usually -10%) for when the player has too many units than they can support.
  • The checkboxes for the mini-map panel now correctly reflect the state of the options (even if these options were toggled while the panel was hidden).
  • Unhappiness is now broken down between regular population and population from puppet cities.


  • Slightly reduce the bias to sneak attack.
  • "City must not be in Plains" requirement for Stone Works now functions properly.
  • Killing Barbarians inside a City State's borders with a ranged unit now correctly rewards the player with influence.

Tactical AI[]

  • Found and corrected a likely cause of having the AI send Great Generals out unescorted to "defend" tiles.
  • AI will avoid using land units for an operation if they are currently on a different continent than the muster point.
  • If attacking over land, add extra emphasis to nearby targets (reduce the chance that the AI will bypass closest cities).


  • Multiple out of sync causes found and fixed.
  • Add an Invite button on the Staging Room screen for the host.
  • Add a network message when force-quitting the game. Should eliminate the tedious wait for a network timeout when a player quits like this.
  • Host can now change the game set-up options in the lobby (except DLC) after a group has been gathered.
  • Player can now manually save a game while in multiplayer.
  • Player can now "un-end" their turn in multiplayer. This includes performing any new actions, like giving a unit a new order, opening a city screen, or clicking on the "Please Wait" button after previously ending their turn.
  • Ping times now displayed in the Player List UI (click the player list to expand, exposing the ping times, and then click again to hide them).
  • Hot-Seat: City State screens now update properly when switching players.


  • Pyramids now grant 2 free workers when built instead of 1.
  • Brandenburg Gate now gives 15 XP to units built in the city in addition to the Great General.
  • Taj Mahal now gives 4 Happiness in addition to a Golden Age.
  • Seaport now gives an additional gold on sea resources and increases naval unit production by 15%.
  • Harbor no longer increases naval production by 15%.
  • Aristocracy now gives 1 happiness per 10 citizens in a city in addition to 15% production towards wonders.
  • Landed Elite now gives 2 food and 10% growth in the capital (stacks with Tradition Finisher).
  • Trade Unions now reduce road/railroad maintenance by 33% (up from 20%) and adds 1 gold to Harbors and Seaports.
  • Balance tweaks to New World scenario.


  • Installed Mods panel (in Mod Browser) will now display which mods have updates available online w/ a link to view that entry.


  • Multiple minor bug fixes.


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