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The Avowers of Knowledge is a playable faction in Final Frontier, a scenario in Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword.

Civilopedia entry[]

The Avowers of Knowledge or simply the Avowers, are an organization tasked with the administration of Research Colony 1, or RC-1. An experimental base initially, RC-1 was among the first colonies founded, created in 2252 AD primarily as a research facility. The boom of interest in interstellar exploration and Colonization saw the Colony transformed into a popular settlement destination, as it was one of the few known habitable worlds at the time. The research lab remained the primary hub of activity on RC-1 even after the population began growing rapidly. The foundation charged with administrating the base also essentially served as the Colony's government. Officially, they are known simply as the "RC-1 Administrative Unit," but are colloquially and somewhat jokingly known as the "Avowers of Knowledge" for how seriously they take their tasks.

The Avowers possess an impressive scientific heritage. Their belief in the importance of research has led to the foundation of a very well-funded education program, giving the Avowers a distinctive advantage over other known Colonies with regards to future development of technology. Much of RC-1's culture and economy is linked to the research labs, although generally the control the Avowers exercise over the inhabitants of RC-1 is relatively lax. Government attention is primarily paid to meeting the basic living needs of the populace and to ensure that the scientific facilities remain in perfect working order.