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The Axeman is replaced by the following unique units:

The following units can be upgraded to Axemen:


The Axeman is the main unit in early battles, since it can defeat most other melee units of the time period. Build this melee combat unit to counter other melee units, as it gets a boost against them.

Axemen are vulnerable to Chariots, which have a 100% attack bonus against them.

Civilopedia entry[]

The original axes were constructed of stone many thousands of years ago. They were hand-held tools and lacked a handle, which began appearing some time around 6000 BC. The original use of the axe was to chop wood, but axe-wielders no doubt quickly realized its potential as a weapon.

An axe is a device that concentrates energy at the edge of a sharp blade, which can then chop into a tree - or skull. The axe is an edged weapon and is most effective when the user swings it in a wide arc, preferably with both hands.

The first bronze axes begin to appear around 3000 BC. Most early cultures used some form of this fearsome weapon, which is far superior to clubs and other primitive melee weapons.

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