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Montezuma PC (Civ1)

Montezuma in the DOS version.

Montezuma (Civ1)

Montezuma in the SNES version.

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The Aztec people represent a civilization in Sid Meier's Civilization. Their leader is Montezuma, their capital is Tenochtitlan, and their color is yellow (which they share with the Egyptians).

If the player selects four civilizations on Earth, they will have the entire Americas to themselves unless a vanquished civilization regenerates there.


  1. Tenochtitlan
  2. Chiauhtia
  3. Chapultapec
  4. Coatepec
  5. Ayontzinco
  6. Itzapalapa
  7. Itzapam
  8. Mitxcoac
  9. Tucubaya
  10. Tecamac
  11. Tepezinco
  12. Ticoman
  13. Tlaxcala
  14. Xaltocan
  15. Xicalango
  16. Zumpanco

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