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Ballistics (CivBE)

Secondary technology of Tier 1

Science 249 20xScienceBE
Requires Physics
Leads to None


Buildings enabled Stellar Codex
Rocket Battery
Improvements enabled None
Satellites enabled None
Units enabled None

Allows the Rocket Battery building. Unlocks the Stellar Codex Wonder.

"Oppression, chaos, and death may come from the barrel of a gun... but so, occasionally, does victory."

- Rejinaldo Leonardo Pedro Bolivar de Alencar-Araripe, Principles of Modern War


Ballistics – the study of projectiles – has been around since ancient warfare on Old Earth, and colonial administrators quickly tasked their researchers with developing more effective weapons to engage the large and dangerous native fauna at a distance. The first practical advance over existing weaponry was the development of combustion light gas artillery, which utilizes low molecular-weight gases to achieve higher muzzle velocities. Parallel studies in trajectory optimization increased the range of this and other new ranged weapon systems exponentially. Eventually, the predations of the native beasts on colonial personnel and facilities diminished, in part due to continuing advances in ballistics. Eventually, too, such weapons were used in the inter-colonial conflicts that occasionally erupted … often with devastating effect. But these advances in ballistics have peaceful uses as well, such as the more efficient launch of orbital satellites.

Game InformationEdit

Ballistics is a Secondary Tech that can be researched from Physics. It allows you to build a Rocket Battery and the Stellar Codex wonder.

This technology is not linked to any affinity.

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