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Bananas Bananas are a Bonus Resource in Civilization VI. They are found on Rainforest tiles.


Bananas Bananas add Food Food to a Rainforest, which makes its yield 3 Food Food and 1 (2 if there are Hills) Production Production - a great overall yield in the beginning of the game. Furthermore, improved Bananas Bananas provide bonuses to Food Food and Gold Gold. Players should keep an eye out for them when using Brazil or Kongo, which have good reason to settle near the rainforests in which Bananas Bananas are found.

Civilopedia entry[]

Tasty and nutritious, bananas and the less-sweet plantains are the product of large, herbaceous flowering plants found in tropical climates. First cultivated in New Guinea and Southeast Asia, records (mostly folk tales) suggest that bananas were first purposely grown in the Kuk Swamp around 5000 BC. In time, traders carried banana plants to Madagascar, and the cultivation of these spread across Africa to be discovered by Europeans looking for a new treat.

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