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Bandar Brunei is a trade city-state in Civilization VI. It replaced Jakarta under all rulesets in the Khmer and Indonesia Civilization & Scenario Pack.


Bandar Brunei's Suzerain bonus increases the Gold Gold output of Trade Route Trade Routes, but is far less useful than the bonuses of city-states such as Venice/Amsterdam and Hunza. Gold Gold can easily be obtained in large quantities from multiple sources, so a bonus that grants a paltry amount of Gold Gold per Trade Route Trade Route and takes time and careful attention to leverage is definitely not worth the trouble. Becoming Suzerain of Bandar Brunei should be low on players' priority lists, because there are many other ways to earn extra Gold Gold that don't involve checking to see which cities have Trading Post Trading Posts.

Civilopedia entry[]

Its water village at Kampong Ayer was once described by a traveler as 'Venice of the East.' Since the 16th century, this capital city has been the heart of the Sultanate of Brunei.

Located in the northern bank of the Brunei River, Bandar Brunei's history can be traced back to the first Malay settlers in the region in the Eighth Century CE. This would be before it became a prosperous port under the Sultanate in the 1500s and after they rid themselves of all those pirates. It would be the third capital for Brunei following those at Kota Batu and later, the 42 villages making up Kampong Ayer (which it would later incorporate). The downside to being a jewel is everyone wants to fight over you; in the modern era, Bandar Brunei would become hotly contested territory during the Second World War before becoming a prosperous, independent petroleum hub.


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