Grey Wolf barbarian

Grey Wolf the Barbarian, a village leader in Civilization Revolution

Barbarians are present in Civilization Revolution and are up to their uncivilized ways once again.

At the start of the game, the Barbarians are really the only enemy (unless one immediately starts to seek out other civilizations). It is possible to go several turns without having any encounter with any other civilization, but it is nearly impossible not to come across these foes. They always have a few villages scattered across the land. The Barbarian villages are usually near the main player-controlled civilization, so finding them shouldn't take much more than a few turns (by which time one may be able to combine three Warrior units to create an Army).

When playing on Deity difficulty, Barbarians are much more numerous and will attack cities.

Barbarian Defense and RewardsEdit

Barbarian village

A Horsemen unit standing by a Barbarian village

The Barbarian villages vary in strength depending in part on the difficulty level of the game, being stronger at King and above. Barbarians will attack units next to them, and may capture Caravans.

Gold is the most common reward for destroying Barbarian villages (30 to 50 pieces usually), but on some occasions, the village can yield a Horsemen unit or give technologies. Some coastal villages can give the player a Galley unit.

Villages captured by the Mongolian civilization don't give the player gold or other rewards; instead, they become new Mongolian cities with a population of one.

Barbarian Village LeadersEdit

The Barbarian leader of the village (i.e. the man who pops up on the screen as the village is approached) can vary in appearance, but the strength of the village is usually the same...bad.

  • Grey Wolf (large, covered in grey tattoos, pictured top right)
  • Brennos the Mighty (mid size, torn shirt, big club in hands)
  • Norte Chico (small, round belly, white tattoos, blowgun in his right hand)


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