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Fan-made Card depicting the Barracks building from Civ5

Game Info[]

Basic troop-training building of the Ancient Era.

  • Common traits:
    • +15 XP for all military units produced in this city.
    • +2 20xHappiness5.png Happiness with Militarism Autocracy tenet


Barracks provide experience for military units constructed in the city, which can be used to give the units promotions that make them more effective in battle. Any unit produced in a city with a Barracks will immediately be ready for a promotion.

Barracks are only the first in a line of buildings that improve a city's military units. Eventually you can chain together Barracks, Armories, and Military Academies. Though expensive and time-consuming to put together, this creates a city that produces veteran units right off the bat, cutting casualties in the field considerably. Consider using the Autocracy ideology and the Brandenburg Gate for extra promotions also.

Peaceful or defensive empires don't need Barracks in every city. Building these is time better spent on cultural endeavors. For more martial people, it's wise to have these (or the ability to build these quickly) in every productive city so that a force can be marshaled in far less time. Note that barbarians and city state wars can be used to "farm" experience to some degree.

A universal system of Barracks is needed if you want to create a Heroic Epic. This is a National Wonder that gives +15% in combat to any troops constructed in the Heroic Epic's city. That's a massive benefit. If you get this system of Barracks created early in the game you can build this National Wonder without needing a ton more Barracks. Otherwise, add one per city and your Heroic Epic in a place with high Production Production. Make sure that it's your primary military city, and make sure to give it all possible military training upgrades through the Armory and Military Academy.

Civilopedia entry[]

Barracks are military buildings that house a country's professional soldiers. In addition to providing food and shelter for the soldiers, they provide training and medical facilities, as well as military jails, vehicle maintenance, and so forth.

Barracks are important to a civilization's happiness and well-being. They promote cohesion among the ranks, improving the soldiers' chances of success in combat, and they control direct contact between civilians and soldiers, limiting the friction that is almost universally caused when the two groups intermingle overmuch.

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BNW-only.png Valid only in the Brave New World expansion pack.