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The Barracks is a building in Civilization Revolution.


Building a Barracks in your city will turn any newly created units into veterans. Trying to win a Conquest Victory without Barracks is like trying to use an arrow with no arrowhead: there's just no point to it.

Civilopedia entry[]

A barracks is a military school, allowing a city to create better trained soldiers. Most civilizations have had some form of barracks, yet it was the Spartans of Greece that had perhaps the best and most extensive military training system the world has ever seen. In Sparta, all male citizens left home and moved into barracks at the age of seven. They were not allowed to leave the barracks until they had reached the age of thirty.


  • The Edinburgh Military Tattoo is a highly choreographed display performed by the numerous regiments of the Scottish military. Once a year the Tattoo dominates the parade grounds of Edinburgh Castle, while for the remainder of the year the Castle serves as a barracks and practice ground.
  • Most early fighting forces were conscripted or non-professional soldiers who lived in their homes save when they were called to war. However, the finest military forces often withdrew from everyday society. The Janissaries, the elite warriors of the Ottoman Empire, were one such group, its men required to sequester themselves from the world to focus on their military training.