Barricade (Civ3)

Barricades are tile improvements in Civilization III: Conquests.

When a civilization has learned Construction, its workers know how to construct stone and masonry barricades, which are even more formidable than Fortresses.

A Barricade can only be built on a square already containing a Fortress. Even if unoccupied, barricades automatically stops movement of a ground unit entering its square (unless that unit belongs to the same civilization currently controlling the barricade's square, or if that unit has a Right of Passage agreement through that land. Barricades become a fortress if their square is pillaged.

Military units inside barricades have a few advantages.

  • They get a 100% defensive bonus if attacked (i.e., twice the defensive bonus being in a Fortress).
  • The Zone of Control exerted by the fortress still applies to a barricades.

If you want to remove a Barricade you have built, you will have to destroy it with your bombarding units.

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