Battle Cards are once-per-battle bonuses that you can activate when you want to. When entering a battle, a Battle Card is randomly assigned to you. Battle Cards come in four different rarity categories and there are four different cards in each of them.

Name Commonness Description
Capacitor Overload (Starships) Capacitor Overload Uncommon Double Firepower on next shot
Doppleganger (Starships) Doppleganger Ultra-Rare Clone the Starship
Gravity Well (Starships) Gravity Well Rare Enemy Starship speed reduced
Healing Surge (Starships) Healing Surge Ultra-Rare All Starship damage reset
Hyperconductors (Starships) Hyperconductors Rare Increases Firepower by 50% this mission
Malware (Starships) Malware Ultra-Rare Enemy Starships take critical power damage
Megabots (Starships) Megabots Uncommon Repairs 50% of Starship damage
Nanobots (Starships) Nanobots Common Repairs all critical hits
Pattern Match (Starships) Pattern Match Common Improve Shield Level by 1
Power Rush (Starships) Power Rush Ultra-Rare All Starships increase engine power
Quick Time (Starships) Quick Time Uncommon Allows an additional action this turn
Saboteurs (Starships) Saboteurs Rare 25 HP damage to all enemy Starships
Space-Time Anomaly (Starships) Space/Time Anomaly Rare Creates a Jump Gate
Tight Pattern (Starships) Tight Pattern Common Increases Weapon range by 50%
Warp Connect (Starships) Warp Connect Common Increases Speed by 2 this turn
Warp Meld (Starships) Warp Meld Uncommon Increases Speed by 2 this mission
Sid Meier's Starships [Edit]
Based off Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth
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