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Game InfoEdit

Unique building of the Arabian civilization. Replaces the Market.

  • Common traits:
    • +25% 20xGold5 Gold
    • 1 Merchant specialist slot
    • +1 20xGold5 Gold per incoming Trade Route (also +1 20xGold5 Gold for the owner of the route)
    • +1 20xScience5 Science with Mercantilism Social policy
  • Special traits:
    • +2 20xGold5 Gold
    • Provides 1 extra copy of each improved luxury resource near this City.
    • +2 20xGold5 Gold for each source of 20xOil Oil and oasis.


The Bazaar is one of the best bonus buildings in the game. It not only increases the available count of each luxury resource, but also adds extra 20xGold5 Gold production for oases and Oil resources! Since both of those are often found in deserts, Arabian players should consider settling many cities where they could potentially use these bonuses. The fact that the civilization's bias is desert (meaning that it starts the game near desert tiles) helps even more.

Civilopedia entryEdit

A bazaar is a public market district found in an Arabic or other Eastern Mediterranean town. The classic Arabian bazaar is a bustling warren of small shops and stalls, selling all manner of goods - from food, to spices, rugs and software. Some bazaars are open-air, while others have been roofed over to protect the merchandise and customers from the elements. Many still survive today, a cheerful and noisy alternative to the West's antiseptic shopping malls.


The word "bazaar" comes from the Persian word bāzār, the etymology of which goes back to the Middle Persian word baha-char, meaning "the place of prices." The term is sometimes also used to refer to the "network of merchants, bankers and craftsmen" who work that area.

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