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Game Info[]

Advanced ranged unit of the Atomic Era. Upgrades from the Machine Gun.

  • Common abilities:
    • May Not Melee Attack


The Bazooka - an infantry unit armed with shoulder-launched rockets - is introduced in Brave New World as the ultimate ranged weapon. They trade some of the multipurpose use of infantry for the ability to deliver devastating damage to nearby units without retaliation. Their rockets are effective against pretty much any sort of infantry or armored units, and they're equally good on the defensive. Use Bazookas alongside your infantry to deal damage on the front lines without suffering damage.

Note that in spite of its real-life use as an anti-tank weapon, the in-game Bazooka has no anti-armor bonuses.

Civilopedia entry[]

"Bazooka" is the generic name for a man-portable, recoilless weapon designed for use against enemy armored vehicles. Initially developed at the end of the First World War by the U.S. Army, the Bazooka uses a small rocket engine to fire a shaped-charge explosive shell. As with its British (PIAT) and German (Panzerschreck) counterparts, the bazooka came into widespread use during the Second World War. As the presence of tanks, halftracks and other armored vehicles became prevalent on the battlefield, soldiers needed to be able to respond quickly, without the necessity of waiting for heavy weapons. In the hands of a skilled team willing to get close to an enemy tank, the bazooka was a devastating weapon.


  • The Bazooka unit is modelled after World War II period German soldiers. They are armed with the Panzerschreck.
  • Subsequent improvements in computers and miniaturized guidance systems in the Cold War resulted in more advanced infantry-portable missile systems capable of engaging low-flying aircraft or striking armor in a high angle ballistic arc.
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