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Low Countries (CTP2)

The Low Countries on the 200x400 size map. Brussels is the only city for Belgium because Belgium is a very small country.

The Belgians are a custom civilization that are part of Call to Power II when you are playing either of the World War II mods. They can be added into the Global mod if all the units are ported to a new map either 200x400 earth or 200x200 Africa.

Map availability[]

This civilization is largest on the 200x400 Global map. They do get more land on the Africa map but not all of their territory will be covered with city locations. Going by present day settlement, the African region has the most possible city locations for the Belgian civilization even though Belgium proper is not on the actual map. So once it's 1962 it's game over for the Belgian player if your on an Africa scenario. On global or Europe based you can continue playing as the Belgians. They only get one city for Belgium Proper, which is Brussels. There's one colony but it's an extremely large colony called Belgian Congo, formerly Zaire (1970-1997), now Democratic Republic of the Congo. Although the capital city cannot be built because it's a border town and that messes up the map boundaries in a very unrealistic way. I prefer places that are a little further from the border such as Albertville or Likasi. Also French Congo's capital also won't be Brazzaville, and both towns can't be shown on world maps because the game simulates borders unrealisticly. Every time you found a new city you get a one square radius around the settlement. There's no building a city and no controlling one whole side. So it's impossible to have border towns and not claim territory your not supposed to have. That being said here are the maps the Belgians are on.

  • medium Europe (070 x140 (1 city only)
  • Large Europe (3?? x4??) (3 cities only)
  • North Atlantic (210x210) (1 city only)
  • Western Front map (About 6 or 7 cities)
  • Global 200x200 (about 10-20 cities)
  • Global 200x400 (about 15 -25 cities)
  • Africa 200 x200 (largest map with Belgian civilization the Belgians are several dozen cities here if they build all towns that were on the map in 1960)