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The Berserker is a unit in the 3 May 2011 DLC called "Civilization and Scenario Pack: Denmark - The Vikings."

Game InfoEdit

Unique unit of the Danish civilization. Replaces the Longswordsman. Requires 20xIron5 Iron.

  • Special abilities:
    • Amphibious promotion (Eliminates combat penalty for attacking from the sea or over a river.)
  • Special traits:
    • Extra movement (+1)

The Berserker is also used as the unique unit of the Danes and Norwegians in the 1066: Year of Viking Destiny scenario. Its 20xProduction5 Production cost is decreased to 80, and its 20xStrength5 Combat Strength is decreased to 16.


The Berserker is one of two Danish unique units, replacing the Longswordsman. This unit has +1 20xMovement5 Movement compared to the Longswordsman and possesses the Amphibious promotion, allowing it to attack onto land from a coast tile with no penalty. It is also available after researching Metal Casting instead of Steel. Use it to attack coastal cities.

Notably, in Brave New World, this is the only unique unit in the game which is in the same upgrade path as another of the same civilization - the Norwegian Ski Infantry.

Civilopedia entryEdit

As a member of the Great Heathen Army, the berserker was one of the most feared units of the late 9th century. This large Viking army of berserkers, warriors, and mariners was formed over a series of attacks on Paris and Rouen from 845-850 AD, where they bolstered their numbers and refined their tactics. In 865, the army landed on the eastern shores of the British Isles, with the aspiration to conquer the entire island for settlement. Only one year later, it conquered the Kingdom of Northumbria, with the Kingdom of East Anglia falling in 870. Mercia followed in 874. The settlers who traveled with the great army founded the Kingdom of York from the rubble. The army was eventually defeated in 878, but its remaining members took up permanent residence in East Anglia, Essex, and Mercia.

Trivia Edit

  • Berserkers are thought to have been put into drug induced states in order to nullify pain.
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