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Three Civilization superfans, Loleil, TwoTailedFox, and Becer, recently spent a week at the Wikia HQ in San Francisco, hunkering down and playing through Civilization: Beyond Earth weeks before its official release. They familiarized themselves with the game's systems, built strategies for success, and worked very hard on this Super Walkthrough, which is meant to help players excel in the game. Check out the adjacent "Meet the Superfans" video to learn more about your new Civilization: Beyond Earth advisors!

    Essential Tips

    Whether you're new to the Civilization series or a seasoned expert, our superfans have you covered with the below videos. Civ: BE for Beginners provides new players with a general overview of the game's systems and mechanics, while the Civ: BE for Experts video provides a more nuanced look at how Beyond Earth differs from previous games in the series. Players looking for even more tips need look no further than the Civ: BE Essential Beyond Earth Tips.





    The choices you make at the beginning of any single player game of Beyond Earth dramatically impact the way you will approach the game, so make sure you make decisions that align with your strategic vision. Read More > Exploring your new planet should be one of your biggest priorities right after planetfall. Exploring the land surrounding your base will allow you to survey your environment so you may adapt your strategy to it. Read More >




    Affinities are the three main ways that your civilization will stand out; the Affinity that you have the most XP in will be the one your opponents react to. The Harmony Affinity is about taking the Human genome, and strengthening it with alien DNA from the planet, and adapting with the planet to call it "home". Read More > The first threat to your security upon making planetfall are aliens. Use your starting units to determine how much alien activity there is in your vicinity. If aliens are found to be a problem and often surround your city research Ecology so that you can build Hypersonic Fencess around your city. Read More >




    The Tech Web is a new way of looking at Research within the game, but to get the most out of it, the Tech Web does require a little bit of advance planning, especially if you want to take advantage of building Wonders, or if you are aiming to get XP for a single Affinity quickly in order to achieve an Affinity Victory. Read More > The orbital layer allows you to take to the skies by deploying satellites. These satellites are for some powerful bonuses, but they can be built just like regular units. They offer very powerful bonuses to your offense, your defense, and your economy depending on which sort of satellite you've launched. Read More >




    Is your Civilization infested with aliens? Are your troops losing health due to miasma? Are those other sponsors giving you grief? The cure to what ails you is probably in this video, which highlights a variety of solutions to settlement issues. Read More > A "new" feature in Civilization: Beyond Earth is the Quest-system. The 5 main overarching quests of the game are the 5 victory quests. More quests appear throughout the game as your civilization explores and adapts to their new world. Read More >