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Game Info[]

Requires Commerce. (BNW-only)


Big Ben is an especially useful wonder for Gold Gold-oriented civilizations such as the Arabs and the Venetians, because it can put all the extra Gold Gold they have lying around to use in developing cities (by buying buildings) or developing their military (by buying units). It also helps further accumulation of Gold Gold through its secondary bonuses and the Great Merchant points.

In conjunction with the Mercantilism social policy and Autocracy's Mobilization tenet, Big Ben allows you to purchase units for 60% less Gold Gold than normal. This is very useful for civilizations like the Germans, the Americans, and the Japanese, whose unique units become available late in the game. Alternatively, in conjunction with Order's Skyscrapers tenet, it allows you to purchase buildings for 60% less Gold Gold than normal. This lets you achieve a Gold Gold-Production Production ratio of 1.08:1, making Gold Gold purchases of buildings extremely efficient.

Civilopedia entry[]

Big Ben is the clock (and the clock tower) at the northern end of the Houses of Parliament in London, England. Big Ben (the clock) is famous for its accuracy and for its massive bell which weighs more than 13 tons and tolls out the day's hours.

Big Ben was designed by Lord Edmund Grimthorpe and constructed by Edward Dent and his son, Frederick. The clock and bell were installed in the tower in 1859. Big Ben is the second largest four-faced clock in the world. At the base of each face of the clock is the Latin inscription, "Oh Lord, keep safe our Queen Victoria the First."


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