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Secondary technology of Tier 1

Science 249 Science
Requires Chemistry
Leads to None


Buildings enabled Petrochemical Plant
Water Refinery
Improvements enabled None
Satellites enabled None
Units enabled None

Allows the Water Refinery and Petrochemical Plant buildings.

"Biochemistry on this world is like a good contract; it looks straightforward but there are some real devils in the details."

- Hutama, We Shall All Prosper

History[edit source]

Dealing primarily with the structures, processes and interactions of the macromolecules of living organisms, biochemistry on the new world focused first on the extraction and conversion of organic-based oils for use. The unique biochemistry of the “alien” flora and fauna forced the colonists to unravel its mysteries before native sources of both organic and mineral oils could be used for the production of fuel, petrochemicals and a host of other items. While useful in many realms, these petroleum oils were found to be unsuitable in the areas of food processing and chemical feedstock. After the initial surge of biochemical research aimed at harnessing the planetary fossil oils, colonial administrators cut funding; hence, further understanding of the biochemical operations of the indigenous lifeforms has been limited, but still significant.

Game Information[edit | edit source]

Biochemistry is a Secondary Tech that can be researched from Chemistry.

Biochemistry allows for the construction of a Water Refinery and a Petrochemical Plant.

There is no affinity linked to this technology.

In Universe information[edit | edit source]

Dealing primarily with the structures, processes and interactions of macromolecules of living organisms, on the new world biochemistry concentrated primarily on the extraction and conversion of organic-based oils. It turned out the significant differences of alien molecular structure and chemical composition required an extensive overhaul of petrochemical production processes, before native sources of oil could be used to their full capacity; and the same was valid for other 'useful' natural products. Fortunately, after the initial concentrated effort in updating knowledge databases and developing additional techniques, local fossil fuels became useful, and further research into biochemistry was unnecessary. Funds were diverted into other, more pressing matters, but still, the initial results were more than satisfactory.

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