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Primary technology of Tier N/A

Science 2480 Science
Requires N/A
Leads to Organics


Buildings enabled Xenomalleum
Bioglass Furnace
Molecular Forge
Improvements enabled None
Satellites enabled N/A
Units enabled N/A

Allows the Molecular Forge and Bioglass Furnace buildings. Unlocks the Xenomalleum Wonder.

"If it's a sin to 'play God,' then why would He leave His tools lying around?"

- The Uncle Nevercloned Stories

History[edit source]

Distinct from bionics, bioengineering traces its roots back to 1954 AD on Old Earth, when the scientists Heinz Wolff argued that mechanical engineering’s analytic and synthetic methodologies should be applied to the incorporation of biological systems in mechanical constructs. There are many threads in bioengineering, including biomedical diagnostics and therapy, bioinformatics, bioseparation, and so forth. The two primary concentrations since planetfall have been in the realm of biomedicine and agricultural engineering. In biomedical technology this approach has led to a number of biomedical prostheses and organs, and research in cyborg design. In agricultural technology, bioengineering has resulted in advances in autonomous harvesting, bio-barns and other structures, self-processing foods, bio-terraforming, hydrogels and especially in bioresource engineering, using machines on the molecular scale to promote and protect the environment.

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