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Not to be confused with Alien Biology (CivBE)

Biological Artifacts are part of the new artifact system in Rising Tide. They are related to the aliens and can be discovered in Alien Nests.

List of Alien Biology Artifacts[]

Artifact name Preferred reward Energy Food Science
Ross Weed artifact (Rising Tide).png Ross Weed Zygotic Engineering 20%Food 80%Science
A nutrient-rich alien plant, which has extreme hallucinogenic effects when consumed. This naturally occurring narcotic has a habit of growing in the shade of other plants, making it difficult to detect in the wild.
Lattus Ore artifact (Rising Tide).png Lattus Ore Sky Chitin 100%Science
Mineral deposits of a native metal that form in a lattice-shaped network. This naturally occurring ore produces a metal similar to carbon fiber found on Earth, but stronger, and less rigid. The light weight material is excellent for construction, although quite expensive as it is rare.
Seismic Sounding Fork artifact (Rising Tide).png Seismic Sounding Fork Counter Battery Fire 100%Energy
A bizarre rock formation that resonates with tectonic activity. Structures such as this produce a low-frequency hum that many colonists consider soothing. Scientists have found these geological 'sounding forks' invaluable in revealing the secrets of this planet's subterranean environment.
Zero-Point Soil artifact (Rising Tide).png Zero Point Soil Counter Battery Fire 20%Energy 80%Food
Naturally buoyant soil. Samples of this soil become inexplicably airborne once they come in contact with water. Seemingly repelled from the ground, these samples only lose this property after reaching the planet's upper atmosphere. This confounding behavior has also made the substance an exceedingly rare find.
Jelly-Stalk Ring artifact (Rising Tide).png Jelly Stalk Ring Vapor Shield 100%Food
A cross-section of a large, tree-like organism. The Jelly-Stalk is considered one of the more "alien" of alien life-forms encountered on any exo-planet. A hard, chitin-like shell surrounds an interior filled with a semi-solid, gel-like substance. It's also quite delectable.
Cloud Coral artifact (Rising Tide).png Cloud Coral Sky Chitin 80%Energy 20%Science
Airborne, polyp-based organisms. One of the more spectacular species to be found on this planet, these creatures float through the sky, cluster in large groups, then fall to the planet with heavy rain. These organisms serve an important role in the alien ecosystem, supporting atmospheric life.
Cocoon Flies artifact (Rising Tide).png Coccoon Flies Projected Chasis Construction 80%Food 20%Science
Any evolutionary conundrum, these swarming flies live nearly their entire lives inside an enclosed, porous nest. The nest itself is mobile, and the flies travel collectively in search of food and a stable location to begin a new colony. Once found, the nest lands temporarily, the flies lay their eggs, and resume their collective journey.
Noose Vertebrae artifact (Rising Tide).png Noose Vertebrae Zygotic Engineering 100%Science
The curved vertebrae of a large alien species. This spinal column appears to belong to a massive native species. While no living specimen has been found, the remains of this creature have been periodically found in remote areas. The irregular shape of the vertebrae led to the coining of the creature's name.
Crystal Shrimp Pupa artifact (Rising Tide).png Crystal Shrimp Pupa Projected Chasis Construction 100%Energy
A rare, shimplike species that produces an organic, crystalline shell. Its mineralized carapace is reminiscent of Old Earth crabs, and the shrimp-like appearance supports the theory that is closer to a crustacean than insect. Regardless of its nature, its shell is prized as a rare and exquisite gem.
Crystal Shrimp Adult artifact (Rising Tide).png Crystal Shrimp Adult Tidal Navigation 100%Food
The adult version of the Crystal Shrimp is a valuable source of high-density protein, iron, zinc and magnesium. A major difference between the adult shrimp and the pupa is the addition of long, fiber-like tendrils that help the shrimp monitor movement in the water throughout a large area.
Soap Seed artifact (Rising Tide).png Soap Seed Vapor Shield 100%Energy
The Soap Seed plant is a marvel of xenobiology. To propel its offspring into new territory, this species encase them in soap-like bubbles. Once they've reached a certain size, these bubbles detact from their parent. The lighter-than air seeds are then carried by the wind into regions unknown.
Carnivorous Hive Eels artifact (Rising Tide).png Carnivorous Hive Eels Tidal Navigation 20%Energy 80%Food
Aggressive, flying raptors. Hive Eels are considered one of the more dangerous forms of native life on this planet. These aliens' eating habits are comparable to piranhas on Earth, and Hive Eels have been known to swarm and devour unlucky birds in flight.
Heterophobic Solution artifact (Rising Tide).png Heterophobic Solution Tidal Navigation 80%Energy 20%Food
A liquid substance in constant flux. The Heterophobic Solution somehow combines two fluid substances which are at the same time attracted to and repelled by each other. The solution is unstable, and seems to be in a constant state of dissolution and reconstitution.
Pressurized Magma Sample artifact (Rising Tide).png Pressurized Magma Sample Counter Battery Fire 20%Energy 80%Science
A preserved sample of alien magma. This extremely volatile molten rock is kept liquid by a combination of intense pressure and heat. Thanks to samples of magma such as this, scientists have been able to study the unique geological makeup of this planet.
Giant Pheromone Sack artifact (Rising Tide).png Giant Pheromone Sack Zygotic Engineering 100%Science
A large gland from an alien species. Used in the production and secretion of strong hormones, this sack belongs to a rare, native verterbrate known as TL-329. Colloquially referred to as "Shuckers", the alien is considered a nuisance. Thankfully it can be easily avoided due to the overwhelmingly powerful odor that precedes its arrival.
Acidic Crystals artifact (Rising Tide).png Acidic Crystals Vapor Shield 100%Energy
An acidic compound that forms a crystalline structure at room temperature. These crystals are extremely brittle and will yield under the slightest pressure, turning momentarily into a liquid before quickly reforming. The material is extremely toxic, despite emitting a pleasant odor.
Mobius Horn artifact (Rising Tide).png Mobius Hhorn Counter Battery Fire 100%Food
A hollow horn, capable of emitting a variety of pitches. The Mobius Horn belongs to a species of large, emu-like creatures, capable of complex communication amongst its own kind. Using a variety of frequencies, the creature uses its horn to amplify its distinct library of calls.
Floating Canopy Worms artifact (Rising Tide).png Floating Canopy Worms Projected Chasis Construction 20%Energy 80%Food
Giant, slow-moving airborne worms. Floating canopy worms are considered by xenobiologists to be mostly benign and a possible source of food for the colonies. Their ability to hover supsended in the air defies explanation, however theories point to a high amount of floatstone in their diet. They tend to clump together in slow-drifting groups, where they are safe from many terrestrial predators.
Macroelectrons artifact (Rising Tide).png Macroelectrons Sky Chitin 80%Energy 20%Science
Macroelectrons are a naturally occurring collection of matter, which inexplicably mirrors the behavior and appearance of subatomic electrons. Early indications suggest that Macroelectrons could be used to more easily study subatomic behaviour.
Breeze Weed artifact (Rising Tide).png Breeze Weed Sky Chitin 100%Food
A tumbleweed-like, airborne plant. The Breeze Weed is remarkable for spending its entire life-cycle in the air. Physics would suggest these organisms should fall to the ground, though the magnetic properties of its leaves could explain the Breeze Weed's perpetually floating existence.
Tungsten Bubbles artifact (Rising Tide).png Tungsten Bubbles Tidal Navigation 100%Energy
A rare isotope of tungsten that forms a liquid at room temperature, and can form bubbles when pockets of helium form inside. The fluid movement of these bubbles, combined with the dramatic changes in color are considered by many colonists a mezmerizing and soothing experience.
Flexible Keratin Tusk artifact (Rising Tide).png Flexible Keratin Tusk Vapor Shield 20%Food 80%Science
The tusk of an alien creature. This tusk belongs to an insectoid cousin to the native Wolf Beetle, and is a prominent feature found on females of the species. Its tusk is made from an unusually flexible form of keratin that allows for an incredible tensile strength and resistance to molecular-bond fatigue.
Electric Brain Moss artifact (Rising Tide).png Electric Brain Moss Projected Chasis Construction 20%Energy 80%Food
A moss-like organism with an internal structure resembling animal neurons. At first appearing to be a strangely shaped moss, Electric Brian Moss has shown in studies telltale signs of being a more evolved life form. The electrical signals passing through synapse-like nodes may be a form of thought, making Electric Brain Moss possibly the first sentient plant discovered.
Carbon Hail artifact (Rising Tide).png Carbon Hail Sky Chitin 20%Energy 80%Science
A type of precipitation formed when carbon particles cluster in the alien atmosphere. Carbon Hail was first discovered by early scientists doing field research on planetary conditions. After recovering from the subsequent injuries, scientists were able to study the phenomenon from far enough away to predict these weather events with 64% accuracy.

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