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Bionics (CivBE)

Primary technology of Tier 2

Science 770 20xScienceBE
Requires Physics
Leads to Robotics


Buildings enabled Institute
Bionics Lab
Improvements enabled Biowell
Satellites enabled None
Units enabled None

Allows the Bionics Lab and Institute buildings. Allows Workers to build the Biowell tile improvement.

"If you listen at night, you can sometimes hear Casey Jones, the Wabash Cannonball, with his iron legs still running a mile a minute!"

- The Uncle Nevercloned Stories


Bionical creativity engineering (“bionics”) is the application of biological systems to the design of technology engineering, popularized on Old Earth during the 1970s. As noted by proponents of bionics, evolutionary pressure forces species in nature to become highly efficient to survive; they attempt to bring this same process to materials and mechanical design. In the realm of materials science, bionics includes the mimicry of natural substances and includes the likes of “Velcro” on Old Earth and resilin, cholesteric liquid crystal, neuromorphic chips, and silicon retinae on this planet. Recently, the most significant colonial research in bionics has been devoted to computer science, leading to the production of artificial neurons, artificial neural systems and a swarm mentality in network design. Bionics labs across the planet have increased, as scientists and engineers seek ever more applications.

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