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Bionics Lab
Bionics Lab (CivBE).png
Building in Beyond Earth
Cost 265 Production
Maintenance 1 Energy Energy
Requires 4 Purity Purity
Resilin Resilin near the city
Specialist slots None
Effect +1 Production from Resilin Resilin
Notes None


As the variety and unique qualities of life on this planet became ever more evident, colonists clamored for facilities dedicated to understanding the processes and discovering the uses of these qualities for the betterment of their lot. Even though bionics laboratories were a significant expense, a handful of settlements invested in establishing such labs. The result of that investment can be seen in adaptive resilin, cholesteric liquid crystal, neuromorphic chips, silicon retinae and a dozen other new technologies with endless applications. With the obvious advantages that these advances gave the investing colonies, other settlements followed suit in building bionic labs. Bionics labs not only contributed to the security and success of colonies, but gave rise to new academic disciplines: biomechatronics, biophysics, biogeology, biomimetric synthesis to name a handful. Recently, the most visible research in bionics labs has been devoted to computer science, leading to the production of artificial neurons, artificial neural systems and a swarm mentality in network design. A divergent development in bionics is the design of the so-called “internalnet,” a brain-computer interface that can link nanochondria, bionic implants and the mind, a step towards the creation of a true cybernetic organism, touted by some as the next stage in human evolution. While some view a bionics lab as the modern equivalent of Dr. Frankenstein’s workshop, others see it as Mankind’s best hope.