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Biowell (CivBE)

Tile improvement in Beyond Earth

Maintenance 2 20xEnergyBE Energy
Required technology Bionics
Yields +2 20xFoodBE
Notes Tile Improvement buildable by Worker units on any terrain. Provides:
Those who follow the ideal of Harmony will be drawn to the Biowell, a late-game improvement designed to bring humanity and nature closer together. A Biowell is a self-sustaining, bio-engineered structure which integrates the natural environment to create a sculpted, livable landscape. These “natural” structures allow colonists to live among nature without sacrificing the convenience of city life.

Game InfoEdit

Biowell is a Tile improvement that requires Bionics. It's buildable by Workers on any Terrain and yields: +1 20xHealthBE Health and +2 20xFoodBE Food, but maintenance costs 2 20xEnergyBE Energy.



  • An interesting note about Biowells is that building them does not require removing forest.
  • Biowells cannot be constructed on snow tiles on the advanced planet Taigan.


Biowells are an alternative to farmland, but have the drawback of longer build times and maintenance costs. While Farms can be made roughly on par with Biowells with the Vertical Farming tech, Biowells can generally be built on terrain where farms cannot.

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