• Zechariah0311

    These are the changes that apply to the base game, regardless of GS and RnF availability.

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  • Zechariah0311

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  • ZeroOne

    A new expansion for Civilization VI was just announced: Gathering Storm! It will be released on February 14, 2019! There are going to be droughts, floods and active volcanoes! Check out the announcement trailer:

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  • Ibanezbs

    New Colonization remake

    October 30, 2018 by Ibanezbs

    Hi everyone,

    I would introduce you the project I’m carrying.

    I’m realizing a new remake of the original game Sid Meier’s Colonization.

    On the following link you can found all information about my project, my progress, my contact and a download link of the last version I have frizzed.

    I'm waiting for your feedback.

    Good play !

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  • Mythril Wyrm

    For all those interested in following my exploits on this wiki, I recently noticed that someone had created pages for all the unique abilities in vanilla Civ5 and linked them to the civilization pages, as well as a page for the Americans' civilization ability in Civ6. I decided to do the same for all of the unique, civilization, and leader abilities that didn't currently have pages, adding the appropriate parenthetical suffix for the game to the page title and linking them to the pages of the game entity to which they belong. This should make it easier for readers to find pages that will have all the information about the subject they're looking for and then some.

    In order to follow our established formatting conventions, I'll bold the firs…

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  • Mythril Wyrm

    For all those who are curious, I found a site that contains names, Great Library entries, and images for new content added to Call to Power II in the Modern Times Mod:

    I used the information on the following pages to fill out the units list, though it still consists only of stub articles and is missing many of the units introduced in the mod:

    I encourage anyone who has more time and interest in this endeavor than I do to add the remaining content - this wiki's a little lacking in CTP- and CTP2-related articles, but since I've never played either of CTP games, I don't think I'm the best person to complete it.

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  • ZeroOne

    I started a little project to protect the Civilopedia entries of certain articles. It has happened quite often that people don't realize that the Civilopedia section should be a direct quote of Civilopedia, so people have edited the section. It then takes some time and effort from other users to revert that edit and to explain the revert to the original editor. So in order to save time from everybody, I have now extracted and protected the Civilopedia sections of all Civilizations (Civ6). My gut feeling is that those are the sections that need this process the most, but we might want to broaden the scope of this later. As far as I'm concerned, any admin is free to extract and protect further Civilopedia entries if they want to.

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  • AHeapOfFilth

    So, it's been a year - that's right, a year? Almost? Eh, close enough. - since Civilization VI was released. I tried playing it for a bit, but I gotta admit the districts have got me stumped. Maybe I'm still stuck in IV and V. Speaking of IV, I've noticed that the AI expands as fast as it did in IV, even on easy difficulties. Mabye I'm just real slow, or maybe the AI's all wacky.

    What do all of you think about VI now it's been around for a bit (and we got one of most likely many expansions)?

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  • Ryan sinbela

    These are the culture descriptions for Civ Ultimate

    Aboriginal - Australian indigenous tribes





    Andean - in the Andes mountain range






    Bantu - African groups that speak Bantu Languages









    South Africa




    Bharata - From the India Subcontinent






    Sri Lanka

    Central - From Central Europe









    Classical - Classical era empires












    East Indies


    Great Plains

















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  • Ryan sinbela

    This is a list of things from Civ IV Gold Mod

    Aggressive - free Combat I promotion for all melee and gunpowder units and 2 Times the production speed of barracks and dry docks

    67 Leaders:

    Adolf Hitler - German

    Afonso Henriques I - Portuguese

    Ajatashatru - Vedic

    Alaric I - Gothic

    Alexander - Greek

    Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna - Mexican

    Arpad - Magyar

    Atheas - Scythian

    Atilla - Hunnic

    Augusto Pinochet - Chilean

    Badur - Timurid

    Bayanchur Khan - Uyghur

    Boudica - Celtic

    Brian Boru - Irish

    Canute the Great - Viking

    Cetshwayo Kampande - Zulu

    Cunhambebe - Tupi

    Fidel Castro - Cuban

    Francois Duvalier - West Indies

    Genghis Khan - Mongolian

    Gnassingbe Eyadema - Togolese

    Goyathlay (Geronimo) - Apache

    Gustavus Adolphus - Swedish

    Hammurabi - Babylonian

    Hinmaton Yalaktit (Chief Josep…

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  • Xanthos of Thebes

    Because I'm a moron, I've created some problems I can't delete without being an admin. It's almost exclusively images that I uploaded with the wrong name, though there are a few other things:

    • Module:Paramtest (I stole this from another Wikia; nothing on this Wikia needs it to run. I don't have the powers to complete the project it was a part of, nor do I yet have the knowledge.)
    • Module:Governments (Part of the project I cannot currently complete)
    • Template:Governments (Another bit)

    Sorry for making so many, I forgot that the file naming system won't be able to use stuff unless it's not got "pantheon" in the name.

    Also this is misnamed; "culture" instead of "cultural". It can be deleted as well.

    Anyway, if anyone with deleting powers should happen…

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  • ZeroOne

    Happy New Year 2018!

    January 1, 2018 by ZeroOne

    Happy New Year everyone!! Another great year with the wiki has come to a conclusion. With the upcoming Civilization VI: Rise and Fall expansion 2018 is going to be at least as exciting as 2017 was. :)

    With the new year I decided to revisit the graphs I created a couple of years ago. The same analysis stands as back then, and the growth that this wiki has experienced has been fantastic. Without further ado:

    Cheers, and happy new year 2018 again!

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  • Robin Patterson

    Unsorted photos

    September 19, 2017 by Robin Patterson

    Special:UncategorizedFiles contains over a thousand uncategorized photos. When there are over a thousand you can't see them all. If you know the first part of a file name you may find it using Special:Allpages but if you don't you are probably stuck.

    I have just categorized all with names starting with "Cevo" or "C-evo". There may be other C-evo images that aren't so clearly named.

    Someone should categorize most of the remaining thousand-plus in categories relevant to their games - as an example, see the subcategories of Category:Images (Civ2). Other games may have even more useful subcategorization schemes.

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  • Robin Patterson

    Game reports

    July 26, 2017 by Robin Patterson

    Category:Game reports has surprisingly few pages. Some of us are interested in other people's game reports. No reason for holding back here. Check out some of those in the category and see whether you can improve on the styles - but never mind if you can't: just report on a game any way you like!

    Maybe there are game reports already here but not categorized as such: if you wrote some of those, please put them in the appropriate categories so that interested players can find them and enjoy.

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  • Robin Patterson

    Sid Gingham has written: " Although C-Evo doesn't really do anything that's new for the genre, it's in the execution where it scores so highly and which means this is a must play if you have any interest in such things. Right from the start, this is highly accessible, so even if you haven't played such a game before, you'll be able to leap in without any difficulty. ... does a fantastic job at getting rid of tedious micromanagement ...". See our main C-evo page and Category:C-evo. No money to pay, but expect to spend some enjoyable time!!

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  • Venz412

    Civilized Opinion

    May 22, 2017 by Venz412

    If you are a leader of a civilization What is it and Why?

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  • ZeroOne

    Civilization VI recently got its second big update, dubbed the Australian Summer 2017 Update. The update was released simultaneously with the newest DLC, the Australian civilization, and contains the much-anticipated support for Steam Workshop! Full release notes here!

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  • Venz412


    February 19, 2017 by Venz412

    Hello guys, I am Venz412 of the Philippine Isles. my first game that I recently played is the Civilization 4. My first Faction to play is Russia.

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  • Pinkachu
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  • JoePlay


    Here are the patch notes:


    • Added Earth map (Standard size)
    • Added “Alert” action for units
      • Put a unit to sleep until they spot an enemy unit
    • Scenario setup menu
      • Jump into Scenarios more easily within the Single Player menu. This only shows up when a single player scenario is available and enabled (as can be found in both of the new DLCs!)
    • Added new replay option to Wonder completion movies


    • Religious units may now Fortify Until Healed
    • Coastal Raids can now pillage districts in addition to the buildings within
    • Great Admirals are no longer allowed to spawn on wonders in water tiles (ex. Huey, Great Lighthouse) so they cannot become stranded in lakes


    • Cities can no longer receive yields from more than one regio…
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  • JoePlay

    Full details at

    Here is the full list of patch notes:


    • Maps
      • Added a balanced six player map.
      • Added a balanced four player map.
    • ‘Cavalry and Cannonades’ Scenario Added
      • Combat scenario with reduced unit maintenance costs and no strategic resource requirement for units.
      • Larger starting army and additional starting techs.
      • Time limit: 50 turns.
      • Goal: Possess the largest territory.
    • DX12 Support
    • Complete Logitech ARX Support


    • Added additional notifications.
    • Added a “time defeat” for running out of time. This is always disabled if a Score Victory is available.
    • Added additional Hotkey support (next unit, next city).
    • Added the ability to rename cities.
    • Added UI to s…
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  • Emptylord
    • Larger variety of ocean tiles, similar to land tiles. Rough waters, reefs, polar waters, etc.
    • Canals, dams and bridges.
    • Fishing/Aquaculture.
    • More things for builders to do in the water (e.g. Lighthouses as a tile improvement instead of a Harbour building).
    • More things to do in the ocean (e.g. Fishing Trawlers that can operate outside your territory).

    I became so accustomed in Rising Tide to having useful oceans that it feels really lame going back to them being an essentially barren expanse, even in later eras where things like tidal power stations would make sense!. While rivers are too thin to go all-out on humanity's historical relationship with rivers, fisheries could still be placed in adjacent tiles to provide an alternative to agricultur…

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  • Selfburner

    My first blog post!

    October 30, 2016 by Selfburner


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  • Bbretterson

    Civilization VI, the latest entry in the venerable strategy game franchise, comes out on October 21. To celebrate, we've partnered with publisher 2K Games to create a quiz that will tell you which of the game's 18 leaders you're most like.

    Take the quiz below and find out for yourself!

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  • ZeroOne

    Civ6 release schedule

    October 17, 2016 by ZeroOne

    Civilization VI can now be downloaded from Steam if you pre-ordered it! That way the game is ready to be played the minute it's unlocked on Friday! The unlock schedule looks like this:

    • Zone 1, the blue zone in the map (roughly the area from Australia to India), unlocks at 3 am AEDT.
    • Zone 2, the green zone (Europe, Asia, Africa), unlocks at 12 am UTC+1
    • Zone 3, the red zone (North & South America), unlocks at 12 am ET

    Firaxis also released the launch trailer today, check it out below!

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  • Robin Patterson

    Brown background

    October 14, 2016 by Robin Patterson

    I don't like the new brown background. It makes text harder to read. Maybe a paler brown?

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  • ZeroOne

    News round-up

    October 8, 2016 by ZeroOne

    It's less than two weeks until Civilization VI is released on October 21! The wiki has been stirring, new edits are raining in at an unprecedented pace! Several new and prolific editors have joined recently: in alphabetical order at least Desertmoongw, HyperdriveJ, and Lucas Am.. Welcome again! :)

    Civ Cast, a Civilization VI themed podcast was launched last month, and I expect the fourth episode to be published any minute now. Interesting discussions there, check it out if you haven't yet!

    Talking about discussions, our own new discussion forum was opened recently and has quickly attracted several new users! Unfortunately the posts aren't visible in Special:WikiActivity (or Special:RecentChanges, which I prefer). However, the posts are visible a…

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  • ZeroOne

    Kyle Dempster Studios is about to launch a new Civilization VI themed podcast, Civ Cast! The teaser is already up, and the show will begin later this month with two hosts, Kyle and Mike. I'm really excited, this will be a great addition to the Civilization community!

    The podcast will be available in the following services:

    • Google Play (apparently US and Canada only, thanks to Google)
    • iTunes
    • Stitcher
    • TuneIn

    Finally, be sure to follow these guys on Twitter! And follow this wikia too. ;)

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  • ZeroOne

    Great news!!! Civilization VI has been announced!!! It is to be released in October! Check out the article for the official announcement video, a partial list of new features, and some screenshots as well as links. And, as always, feel more than free to amend the article with whatever details you can find! :)

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  • ShrinkhWalee


    March 12, 2016 by ShrinkhWalee

    Hello wikia!

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  • ZeroOne

    The Humble Firaxis Bundle

    January 22, 2016 by ZeroOne

    The Humble Firaxis Bundle is here! Name your price: pay $1 or more to unlock XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Sid Meier's Pirates!, Ace Patrol Bundle, and Civ3 Complete. Pay more than the average (about $10 at the moment) to unlock Civ4 Complete, Civ5, Sid Meier's Starships, XCOM: Enemy Within, and more. For just $15 they'll even throw in Beyond Earth as well! Support charity, buy now -- 10 days and 20 hours left to act on this offer!

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  • Emptylord

    Advanced Game Options

    December 22, 2015 by Emptylord
    Map Type
    • Explained adequately within the client.
    Map Size
    • Explained adequately within the client.
    Difficulty Level
    Full article: Difficulty levels in BNW.
    • Settler, Chieftain and Warlord have perks in benefit of the player; but in most cases do not reverse (i.e. become harder) for Prince+ difficulties. For example, base happiness is 15 / 12 / 12 / 9 / 9 / 9 / 9 / 9. The notable exception is the barbarian aggression range. Aforementioned difficulties also have a turn immunity to barbarians entering their land, which for settlers is functionally all game.
    • AI has a unique difficulty level that falls between Chieftain and Prince, mixing and matching various properties. AI also possess bonuses based on the player's difficulty.
    Game Pace
    • Explained adequat…
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  • Darrel Mandeka

    The following is a list of Civilization Games that I play:

    • DS
      • Civilization Revolution
    • PS3
      • Civilization Revolution
    • iOS
      • Civilization Revolution 2
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  • ZeroOne

    Rising Tide update released

    October 31, 2015 by ZeroOne

    A major update for Rising Tide was released a couple of days ago! The biggest changes are the additions of the and . Black Market is a way for Covert Agents to acquire Strategic Resources, and with Spoils of War you can receive stuff from your opponent when you beat them in war. In addition to those there are some changes in basically all the fields of the game, so check the change log!

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  • MeepTMW

    CONCEPT: Rogue Planetfall

    October 23, 2015 by MeepTMW

    I have really felt that Civilization has needed alien sponsors once more. Specifically, two. That hate eachother. I present to you, spiritual successors to the aliens of the Sixth Manifold, as well as two new victory types.

    Once one sponsor has met all Sponsors in the game, that sponsor forms a Planetary Panel. The planetary panel allows global laws to be put in place, such as:

    -          Change in Production cost of units or buildings

    -          Bonuses for sponsors with a certain Affinity: amounts vary for the level of Affinity obtained

    -          Sanctions on certain Stations, cities or entire sponsors

    -          Combat bonuses against aliens

    -          Monuments

    Monuments are PP’s version of Civilization V Projects. They do not use City Development…

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  • Matt Hadick

    Civilization fans looking to learn more about Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth: Rising Tide's new sponsors need look no further than the below video, which succinctly outlines each of the new sponsors' backstories, detailing the reasons why they developed into exoplanet-exploring leaders:

    Buy Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth: Rising Tide from Steam today!

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  • MeepTMW

    Guide: BE:RT Army Structure

    October 18, 2015 by MeepTMW

    By MeepTMW

    Hi! I'm MeepTMW, a fairly new editor here at Civilization Wiki, but a long time SMAC and Beyond Earth player. I've also played Civilization V a lot, but have falled in love with the science fiction here again. I've helped develop unit-based pages for Beyond Earth with nice pictures and useful information as well as a little bit of strategy here and there. After realising that wiki pages are usually better to be non-biased and contain mostly factual ideas, I'm building a guide here for what I see as the strategies of Beyond Earth.

    Note that this guide is intended for Rising Tide users - BERT (Its abbreviation) is an overhaul of the existing game and gives it far more substance than the vanilla game.

    So, you've made planetfall. You cou…

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  • Oldag07

    I really enjoy the quotes on BE from the sponsors everytime a wonder or a technology was announced. I added the quotes that game from the actual leaders onto the leader pages. However several of these quotes were not made by these leaders.

    I am going to take a little break from BERT and this wiki. I figured I would put this out there if anyone wanted to mess with it. Enjoy.

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  • Exitwound 45

    Stupid AI

    October 12, 2015 by Exitwound 45

    I find good ol' Civ 5 incredibly frustrating in one aspect: attempting to be peaceful and friendly with the computer players. On Warlord difficulty, I was just playing as , and had a long Friendly relationship with , about 300 turns. I joined in an classical era war, we traded frequently, and made several declarations of friendship. I was aiming for a diplomatic victory, so I hadn't been in a war since Wu and I eliminated Hiawatha from the game. The only negative I had with her was "They believe you are building new cities too aggressively!" I had only built one new city in many, many turns. Then, suddenly, she is denouncing me. It does not make sense to me that she could flip so abruptly from Friendly to Denouncing, followed by Guarded. I…

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  • ZeroOne

    I just watched the Firaxicon 2015 panel called Civ V Retrospective: The Complete Edition. It was a great, exclusive look at the history and development of Civilization V! Find my summary of the presentation at the Civilization Wikia's Facebook page. :) Here's the full video:

    And here's a few screenshots, demonstrating some of the various topics that are discussed:

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  • Oldag07

    How to use Lua flies?

    October 3, 2015 by Oldag07

    I copied these two messages that are meant to explain how to use the lua language on this site. This was written for future reference.

    Hey there, I'd be happy to tell you about Lua powered templates and how to work them, the best way to do that would be to contact me using one of the methods listed on my profile so I could answer your questions directly, or you can always ask them here like you did of course.

    Otherwise documentation on the way this new templating method works can be found here.

    Here are some useful links within this wiki to understand what's going on under the hood:

    • Civilization_Wiki:Lua/Data/CivBE/Base
    • Civilization_Wiki:Lua
    • Module:Data/CivBE/Base/Technologies
    • Module:Data/CivBE

    I hope this helped, please don't hesitate to ask mor…

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  • ZeroOne

    Latest updates of Rising Tide

    September 29, 2015 by ZeroOne

    Rising Tide will be released on October 9th, 2015, i.e. in less than two weeks! The game is already pre-orderable on Steam.

    All of the four new factions have now been revealed: Al Falah, North Sea Alliance, INTEGR and, as the most recently revealed faction, the Chungsu. As a fun fact, INTEGR is led by a German lady named Lena Ebner, named so after Firaxis's beloved producer Lena Brenk, who recently moved from Firaxis to 2K.

    Firaxis has produced nice little featurettes demonstrating the new aspects of Rising Tide, the newest one having been published earlier today:

    The previous one was about the revamped diplomacy system:

    And the first one was about the much anticipated new aquatic gameplay:

    Before October 9th, there will be Firaxicon next weekend…

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  • Anonymous230385

    Just a new user

    September 27, 2015 by Anonymous230385

    I've played Civilization V for over a year now and frankly the default strategy for me is build up relations with militaristic city-states and conquer at will

    Some of the city-states I have met (and sometimes conquered):

    • Brussels (Civ5)
    • Bucharest (Civ5)
    • Florence
    • Kuala Lumpur
    • Milan
    • Monaco
    • Prague
    • Warsaw (Civ5)
    • Yerevan

    • Cape Town
    • Jakarta
    • Lisbon
    • Manila
    • Mombasa
    • Quebec City
    • Ragusa
    • Rio de Janeiro
    • Stockholm
    • Sydney
    • Venice

    • Antwerp (Civ5)
    • Cahokia
    • Colombo
    • Genoa
    • Hong Kong (Civ5)
    • Marrakech
    • Singapore
    • Tyre
    • Zanzibar
    • Zurich

    • All but Dublin, Edinburgh (Civ5), M'banza Kongo, and Sofia

    • All but Ife

    I have played as or encountered every single civilization except for the Indians and every civilization in BNW

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  • Oldag07

    I am certainly no stranger to wikis, and I know they expand in bursts of activity, with huge lulls of time in between. I can not sustain this activity because of my personal life. I figure I would write a few suggestions of things, I don't have time or simply do not know how to do, of suggested changes and maybe a few different people will do one or two bullet points. I do plan on staying off this site at least until Rising Tide is released. Hopefully, I will have more time to work on this site. That being said, when the expansion is released, why in the heck would I spend my free time here. I should be playing the game.

    • Icons. Go to [1]. Download from the site all the unit icons, and add them to each unit pages.
    • As for all the infoboxes, co…
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  • Jvllx

    how do i stop pitboss

    September 6, 2015 by Jvllx

    Can anyone help I have civilization 4. Our program files recently changed and I no longer can get into configuration code file and I picked up a program called pit boss. This is rearrange the files and I can no longer use to cheat codes that I've used for years how do I get rid of this program

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  • ZeroOne

    There is an epic 2K Games sale on the Humble Store! The Civilization franchise, Starships, XCOM, Ace Patrol, even Sid Meier's Pirates! and Sid Meier's Railroads! Support your chosen charity and buy now! The offers are only valid on this weekend.

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  • Davehinkle

    Rising Tide is now available for pre-order on Steam:

    In addition to that, Beyond Earth is also free to play on Steam all weekend. 

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  • ZeroOne

    Rising Tide screenshots

    July 30, 2015 by ZeroOne

    I took a bunch of screenshots of Rising Tide from the most recent Firaxis livestream (July 30) and uploaded them to Facebook. :)

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  • ZeroOne

    Firaxicon 2015!

    July 29, 2015 by ZeroOne

    Firaxis is arranging another Firaxicon event this year! It takes place on Saturday, October 3 in the Baltimore Convention Center. The event covers especially the Civilization: Beyond Earth expansion Rising Tide as well as XCOM2. It was also announced that GameSpot will be the official livestream partner of the event, so we should be able to see at least some of the panels in real time even if we're not there!

    See the event details at Eventbrite. Also see our Firaxicon 2014 Portal for last year's panels etc!

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  • Matt Hadick

    I was lucky enough to play the first 150 turns in Civilization: Beyond Earth Rising Tide, Firaxis' generous expansion to last year's exoplanet-faring 4X. I'm happy to report that, based on what I played, Rising Tide represents a major addition to the mechanics established in Beyond Earth's core game. Water may be the obvious update, but Firaxis has also made a number of significant changes to the underlying systems, all of which work to empower the player, giving him or her more tools to achieve the civilization they want. Read about the changes and new features below!

    All factions can now send a colonist to establish cities in the ocean. Water-based cities operate a bit differently than their land-based counterparts. There is no geographic…

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