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Civilisation 6: The Regime (Custom Civ & Leaders)

(Page Unfinished)

The Regime is a group of individuals now forming a Civilisation in Civilisation 6. They are led by either:

- Henrikh DeFirenze, under whom their default colours are red and grey

- Dani Luciana, under whom their default colours are red and gold

- Riker Sane, under whom their default colours are red red and white

The Regime's civilisation ability is Bloodied Path, giving the capital an instant production gain equal to 50% of a defeated enemy unit's combat strength. Their unique unit is the Reacher, (which replaces the Scout), and the Caliset (which replaces the Encampment). If playing as Henrikh DeFirenze, they get the Outpost unique improvement. If playing as Dani Luciana, they get the Depleter unique unit (which replaces the Sw…

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WamonWiki WamonWiki 3 November 2021

Steam Mods In Civ VI

There are a lot of civ 6 mods from Steam, let me tell you the popular ones.

Indonesia, Borobudur: Your trade routes to foreign cities earn +1 Faith for each luxury resource in destination city. Each Plantation with 6 tiles yields +1 Faith. 1 Apostle and 1 Guru appear. Must have founded a Religion and requires Temple Building. Must be built on Rainforest. Available at Naval Tradition Civic. Link:

Germany, Neuschwanstein Castle: Any City with Medieval or Renaissance Walls yields + 2 Culture, + 2 Gold, +1 Amenities (shows as from Civics). Provides +2 Culture, +2 Gold and +3 Great Musician Points itself as well as 2 Great Work of Music slots. Must be built on Hills terrain next to …

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IconNowActive IconNowActive 5 May 2021

Civilisation 6: Leader Ideas

Idea 1: Adolf Hitler

"If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed."

Adolf Hitler (April 1899 - April 1945) was Germany's Dictator from 1933 to 1945. He would lead the Germans in Civilisation 6.

Hitler is a production powerhouse, constantly striving to make units, with a secondary goal of science for more units.

Leader Bonus - Mein Fuhrer

Gain a 50% increased production bonus for your capital per city. Trading always gives at least 1 production. In addition, gain +1 Combat Strength for Armies and Corps for every unit the Army/Corps has defeated.

Leader Agenda - Chancellor of The Reich

Prioritizes making Corps and Armies, and likes those who do the same. Dislikes those who have little or no Corps or Armies.

Adolf H…

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Zechariah0311 Zechariah0311 20 April 2021

Some guidelines to writing Strategy sections

This guide will provide a few instructions on how to write an effective strategy part, and what is expected, and what should and shouldn't be included. Considering the huge upcoming patch, it is important that we are on the same page. By reading this blog post, you may find the answers to the following:

  • Who can contribute.
  • What should be considered for the Strategy and what should be left out.
  • Why certain strategy parts are kept almost entirely, some are kept with some modifications and some are removed completely.

Note: I will try to be as clear as possible on what is expected, so I will provide some examples from the past, which were written by real people and could still be seen from the articles' history. If you see your writing as an exam…

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Mrsalt05 Mrsalt05 22 March 2021

port ogle

Portugal joins Civilization VI with the tools that have defined their gameplay over the series's history. A focus on exploration, diplomacy, and s is this civilization's surefire path to a Science or Diplomatic Victory.

  • 1 Casa da Índia
  • 2 Porta do Cerco
  • 3 Nau
    • 3.1 Feitoria
  • 4 Navigation School
  • 5 Victory Types
  • 6 Counter Strategy

This ability is basically a direct buff to your Traders, since at least one other civilization will always have coastal cities unless you are playing on a map script like Inland Sea which severely limits access to water (which you should probably avoid as Portugal anyway). Even if these cities have less yields than the core cities you would normally send s to, the innate buff to their yields usually allays this problem. Traders already…

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Zechariah0311 Zechariah0311 16 February 2021

Genoa and the development of Civ6

Disclaimer: This information gathered in this post is not an official announcement from Firaxis. It is obtained from data mining from xml files of Civilization VI after every major update, which may or may not reflect future contents. Only read this blog post for information and discussion purposes.

(Most of the content from this post was gathered by Potworny, a Polish user on the CivFanatic Forum. You can read their full post here:

The Hidden and Unused content of Civilization VI | CivFanatics Forums)

The question on everyone's mind at the moment is what the final civilization for March is. There are largely two sides: one is for a Native North American civilization (for the sake of geographical completion), and two is for Portugal (considerin…

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Venz412 Venz412 27 December 2020

A WIKI Sharing

Hey The name is Venz412. I also contributed to a wiki related to the Civilization wiki: The Civilization Fanon Wiki. Where editors can create their own articles just like based on the Civilization Game series. If you are interested like creating an article or becoming an imagineer. Feel free to contribute and Trivia: I am one of the Admins of that Wiki that's all. thanks.

  • I want to promote a wiki
  • I want to propose an Alliance with the Main Civilization Wiki.
  • I want to invite editors to check it out and also make the 2 wikis in harmony.
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Zechariah0311 Zechariah0311 2 December 2020

What is to come for New Frontier Pass

Disclaimer: This information gathered in this post is not an official announcement from Firaxis. It is obtained from data mining from xml files of Civilization VI after every major update, which may or may not reflect future contents. Only read this blog post for information and discussion purposes.

As many of you know, after the July update (concurrent with the Ethiopia Pack), the new civilization and new alternative leader for the Pack 5 (January 2021) were hinted to be Vietnam and Kublai Khan. These choices are not surprising, considering the civilization choices made in NFP were largely influenced by polls on the CivFanatic Forum, which were published a few months after the release of Gathering Storm (as the matter of fact, the only popul…

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Mrsalt05 Mrsalt05 12 November 2020

sa bum

This is an interesting unique. The stat that may jump out at you is its disappointing 17 Combat Strength- 3 less than the Warrior, which it does not replace, and less than any unit in the game with the exception of the Scout. However, it has some things going for it. First of all- its 3 , more than any melee unit all the way until the Atomic Era, as well as its 3 range. This makes it as effective, and slightly more survivable, than the Scout; additionally, it has the standard melee +10 Combat Strength bonus against anti-cavalry units, which makes it effective at clearing out barbarian camps, unlike, say, the Okihtcitaw. Babylon especially wants to scout, and be on the lookout to claim as many tribal villages as possible to pick up some …

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Zechariah0311 Zechariah0311 30 October 2020

Babylon Pack (Hammurabi) coming for NFP this November

This is according to the official Nintendo Eshop of 2K, which can be seen by players who play on Nintendo Switch:

"The Babylon Pack introduces Hammurabi as the leader of Babylon. The Babylon civilization excels at Science, as well as Government and Infrastructure. Also included is the new Heroes and Legend Game Mode, two unique improvements (the Mahavihara and the Trading Dome), six new City-states, and 24 new Great People."

The pack will be released on November 19th, 2020.

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Oldag07 Oldag07 22 October 2020

Civilization Wiki UCP Changes

I figure we compile this now, when our memories of the old site are fresh. I want to make sure we get everything down, no matter now minor. Please add to this list in the comments

  • The both source and visual editors have changed
  • The article table class now has borders
  • The search on the top bar is all wikis by default, and gives you the option of choosing between the two.
  • The recent activity box on the front page doesn't work.
  • The community posts box to on the front page isn't correctly formatted.
  • When the front page is loaded, the Civ VI, tab is selected, but I also see the Civ V, CivBE, and Other game tabs. When I click a tab, that is fixed.

Additional findings.

  • Special:MultipleUpload No longer exists
  • There seems to be a bottom navbar (at least for …
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Mrsalt05 Mrsalt05 18 October 2020

free points


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Oldag07 Oldag07 2 September 2020

Welcome New Administrators 2020/09/02

Congratulations to the newest administrators of the Civilization Wiki Robal91 and Zechariah0311. Thank you both for your contributions to the world's most comprehensive source for all things Civilization.

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Daniellewiki Daniellewiki 9 August 2020


Who is the founder of this wiki?

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Zechariah0311 Zechariah0311 23 July 2020

Vietnam and Kublai Khan found in game code!!!

Not sure if anybody cares but when NFP was announced, I made some predictions on my page regarding which civs/leaders might show up. The prediction was based on civforum polls, since this is a huge source of inspiration for devs over the last 3 years of developing civ6. One of my prediction is that in pack 5 (the pack with the alt leader), we will have Vietnam and Kublai Khan leads China and Mongolia.

Guess what, after the Ethiopia update this morning, someone found Kublai and Vietnam in the game code!!!!

I am SOOOO excited for January :)

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Robal91 Robal91 8 July 2020

Maintenance changes

Right now there are some admin/moderators discussions going on regarding couple important things regarding wiki categorization and page naming:

  • Plural/singular page names (Thread:56653)
  • Separating concept pages from lists - this would fit nicier with the Template:Civ6. Potentially this can move into cleaning/merging Category:Game concepts (Civ6) and Category:Game element (Civ6). (also here: Thread:56653)
  • Naming conventions for scenarios pages/categories (User_blog:ZeroOne/Scenario_article_naming_and_categorization_conventions)

Since more patches are coming (new modes, and maybe scenarios) it will be nice to determine the conventions. The manual draft is being written here: Manual_of_Style/Draft.

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ZeroOne ZeroOne 7 July 2020

Scenario article naming and categorization conventions

A while back it was agreed upon that scenario articles that would overlap with the base game articles would be named " (Civ6)/", so, for example, "Teutonic Knight (Civ6)/Jadwiga's Legacy", as Teutonic Knight (Civ6) already exists in the base base game. Now, I propose that we change all scenario articles to follow the common " (Civ6)/" format.

Furthermore, scenario items should not appear in the same categories as base game items. It's currently very confusing to see, say, Aliens (Civ6) and Zombies (Civ6) included in Category:Civilizations (Civ6). I propose the relevant templates be modified so that they add the scenario articles into categories such as "Category:Civilizations () (Civ6)", so, for example, Category:Civilizations (Red Death) (Civ6).


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Byeikk Byeikk 28 June 2020



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ZeroOne ZeroOne 21 May 2020

Civ6 updates

There's a lot of interesting things happening in the Civilization community:

  • Epic Games offers Civilization VI FOR FREE for a week, until 5/28/2020!
  • The Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass was recently announced, bringing in a steady flow of new content to Civ6 for a year!
  • The Civilization VI May 2020 Update was released simultaneously with the first DLC of the New Frontier Pass, the Maya & Gran Colombia Pack (Civ6)!
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Paladin Aladin Paladin Aladin 9 April 2020

more memories :)

o.k., thinking of it (and editing my user page), there are at least 2 more things, I remember:

  1. back these days I wrote a QBasic program (one of many, since I programmed half of my daily work with such tools), only for a graphical sorting of that incredible invention tree ... like: "move Riding 1 row up and 2 columns to the left" or "switch Masonry and Writing" ... and the cool thing was, that I had implemented all requirements and possibilities and they were displayed by lines, that changed when moving an entry ... still a bit proud of it :)
  2. and I puzzled the "codes" for all units and how to position them on the map, and so (with a little bit of "fairness") I could place a settler with a guardian militia at all the perfect places all over th…
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Paladin Aladin Paladin Aladin 9 April 2020


there are exactly three things, I remember from these days, when I got my first copy of Civ I:

  1. it was the first program I kinda "hacked", since I looked with a HEX-editor inside all game-files (I think it was that one from PC DOS respectively PC TOOLS), and figured, most interesting files were all text-files, and so I wrote completely new opening credits and many of the ingame texts, where I mentioned me, my best friends, the girl I had a crush on (unfortunately I kinda have still that crush on her :/ ) .... bitter-sweet memories ...
  2. since the idea of this game was so new to me (and the world), I often asked this best friend of these days, what to do now in this game ... then he mostly raised his eyebrow and said: do what you want, I don't k…
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Robin Patterson Robin Patterson 2 February 2020

How about Featured Articles?

Some wikis have a section of their front pages introducing featured articles. I see that this one has a featured video, but there are still some people in the world who like to read good articles. One obvious candidate must be Chinese (Civ6)/In-depth strategy guide by ThinkingNut. I doubt if I will ever see Civ6 but I'm impressed at the length and apparent quality of that guide. Surely a small slot on the home page could contain an introduction to a featured article and a "More..." link to it?

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Tephra Tephra 3 July 2019

Fandom Discord

Hey everyone, there is now an official Discord server for Fandom/Gamepedia!

This is an additional point of contact for Fandom staff and other editors who you can ask for assistance with editing or other wiki-related subjects.

In order to join, you must do the following:

  1. Have a Discord account set up ahead of time
  2. Add your Discord user ID into your Fandom profile masthead
  3. Join at
  4. Follow the #verification process on the server

This server is for registered editors, admins, Wiki Team, and Staff. Users without registered accounts on Fandom or Gamepedia are not allowed here.

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Dr. Österreich Dr. Österreich 24 June 2019

Tables and templates

Does anyone know how to add more rows to tables? Also, has anyone noted that quotes can't be added to Civics templates anymore? Or is that just me?

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Tephra Tephra 15 May 2019

New Wiki Manager

Hi! My name is Tephra, and I'm the Fandom Wiki Manager for the Civilization Wiki. I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, etc., please contact me on my message wall.

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Expecto5 Expecto5 30 April 2019

Long Distance Wars

Wars over a long distance can be particularly hard to manage because on the turn that you declare war you might be confident that you can win with your current units but if the units you have near they're cities are killed then you have a problem because by the time you have made some new units and got them back to your original position(After of having to deal with barbarian outposts or an enemy city state)anything could of happened for instance:

  • They could have made enough units to destroy your new army and then go on to take your cities.
  • They could have built or upgraded their walls so that they are beyond your ability to destroy.
  • They could of pushed their troops forward so that your troops never even reach their cities.

All of the above c…

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Higakoryu Higakoryu 27 April 2019



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ZeroOne ZeroOne 9 April 2019

Civilization VI April 2019 Update

Civilization VI, and especially Gathering Storm, recently got a big update, dubbed the Antarctic Late Summer Update. With this update the climate change, once it hits, hits harder than before. There are, in addition, dozens of changes to the balance of the game, including changes to the civilization abilities, dozens of bug fixes, AI tweaks, etc etc. Full release notes here!

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Zechariah0311 Zechariah0311 14 February 2019

Gathering Storm patch notes (general changes to Vanilla and RnF)

These are the changes that apply to the base game, regardless of GS and RnF availability.

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Zechariah0311 Zechariah0311 6 February 2019

Eleanor First Impression by Broyar

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ZeroOne ZeroOne 20 November 2018

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm announced!

A new expansion for Civilization VI was just announced: Gathering Storm! It will be released on February 14, 2019! There are going to be droughts, floods and active volcanoes! Check out the announcement trailer:

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Ibanezbs Ibanezbs 30 October 2018

New Colonization remake

Hi everyone,

I would introduce you the project I’m carrying.

I’m realizing a new remake of the original game Sid Meier’s Colonization.

On the following link you can found all information about my project, my progress, my contact and a download link of the last version I have frizzed.

I'm waiting for your feedback.

Good play !

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Mythril Wyrm Mythril Wyrm 25 September 2018

Links for Civ5 and Civ6 abilities

For all those interested in following my exploits on this wiki, I recently noticed that someone had created pages for all the unique abilities in vanilla Civ5 and linked them to the civilization pages, as well as a page for the Americans' civilization ability in Civ6. I decided to do the same for all of the unique, civilization, and leader abilities that didn't currently have pages, adding the appropriate parenthetical suffix for the game to the page title and linking them to the pages of the game entity to which they belong. This should make it easier for readers to find pages that will have all the information about the subject they're looking for and then some.

In order to follow our established formatting conventions, I'll bold the firs…

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Mythril Wyrm Mythril Wyrm 1 September 2018

CTP2 units and other new features

For all those who are curious, I found a site that contains names, Great Library entries, and images for new content added to Call to Power II in the Modern Times Mod:

I used the information on the following pages to fill out the units list, though it still consists only of stub articles and is missing many of the units introduced in the mod:

I encourage anyone who has more time and interest in this endeavor than I do to add the remaining content - this wiki's a little lacking in CTP- and CTP2-related articles, but since I've never played either of CTP games, I don't think I'm the best person to complete it.

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ZeroOne ZeroOne 30 August 2018

Protecting Civilopedia entries

I started a little project to protect the Civilopedia entries of certain articles. It has happened quite often that people don't realize that the Civilopedia section should be a direct quote of Civilopedia, so people have edited the section. It then takes some time and effort from other users to revert that edit and to explain the revert to the original editor. So in order to save time from everybody, I have now extracted and protected the Civilopedia sections of all Civilizations (Civ6). My gut feeling is that those are the sections that need this process the most, but we might want to broaden the scope of this later. As far as I'm concerned, any admin is free to extract and protect further Civilopedia entries if they want to.

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Arminius Fiddywinks Arminius Fiddywinks 28 August 2018

Civilization VI: Thoughts?

So, it's been a year - that's right, a year? Almost? Eh, close enough. - since Civilization VI was released. I tried playing it for a bit, but I gotta admit the districts have got me stumped. Maybe I'm still stuck in IV and V. Speaking of IV, I've noticed that the AI expands as fast as it did in IV, even on easy difficulties. Mabye I'm just real slow, or maybe the AI's all wacky.

What do all of you think about VI now it's been around for a bit (and we got one of most likely many expansions)?

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Ryan sinbela Ryan sinbela 26 April 2018

Civ Ultimate cultures

These are the culture descriptions for Civ Ultimate

Aboriginal - Australian indigenous tribes





Andean - in the Andes mountain range






Bantu - African groups that speak Bantu Languages









South Africa




Bharata - From the India Subcontinent






Sri Lanka

Central - From Central Europe









Classical - Classical era empires












East Indies


Great Plains

















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Ryan sinbela Ryan sinbela 22 April 2018

Civilization IV Gold Mod

This is a list of things from Civ IV Gold Mod

Aggressive - free Combat I promotion for all melee and gunpowder units and 2 Times the production speed of barracks and dry docks

67 Leaders:

Adolf Hitler - German

Afonso Henriques I - Portuguese

Ajatashatru - Vedic

Alaric I - Gothic

Alexander - Greek

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna - Mexican

Arpad - Magyar

Atheas - Scythian

Atilla - Hunnic

Augusto Pinochet - Chilean

Badur - Timurid

Bayanchur Khan - Uyghur

Boudica - Celtic

Brian Boru - Irish

Canute the Great - Viking

Cetshwayo Kampande - Zulu

Cunhambebe - Tupi

Fidel Castro - Cuban

Francois Duvalier - West Indies

Genghis Khan - Mongolian

Gnassingbe Eyadema - Togolese

Goyathlay (Geronimo) - Apache

Gustavus Adolphus - Swedish

Hammurabi - Babylonian

Hinmaton Yalaktit (Chief Josep…

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Xanthos of Thebes Xanthos of Thebes 18 April 2018

The Mighty List of Things to Delete

Because I'm a moron, I've created some problems I can't delete without being an admin. It's almost exclusively images that I uploaded with the wrong name, though there are a few other things:

(List deleted to remove redlinks.)

Anyway, if anyone with deleting powers should happen to see this page, I'd be grateful if they could clean up my messes. In the event that my dunderheadedness goes unnoticed, I'll fix them if/when I can.

Xanthos 19:21, April 18, 2018 (UTC)

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ZeroOne ZeroOne 1 January 2018

Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year everyone!! Another great year with the wiki has come to a conclusion. With the upcoming Civilization VI: Rise and Fall expansion 2018 is going to be at least as exciting as 2017 was. :)

With the new year I decided to revisit the graphs I created a couple of years ago. The same analysis stands as back then, and the growth that this wiki has experienced has been fantastic. Without further ado:

Cheers, and happy new year 2018 again!

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Robin Patterson Robin Patterson 19 September 2017

Unsorted photos

Special:UncategorizedFiles contains over a thousand uncategorized photos. When there are over a thousand you can't see them all. If you know the first part of a file name you may find it using Special:Allpages but if you don't you are probably stuck.

I have just categorized all with names starting with "Cevo" or "C-evo". There may be other C-evo images that aren't so clearly named.

Someone should categorize most of the remaining thousand-plus in categories relevant to their games - as an example, see the subcategories of Category:Images (Civ2). Other games may have even more useful subcategorization schemes.

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Robin Patterson Robin Patterson 26 July 2017

Game reports

Category:Game reports has surprisingly few pages. Some of us are interested in other people's game reports. No reason for holding back here. Check out some of those in the category and see whether you can improve on the styles - but never mind if you can't: just report on a game any way you like!

Maybe there are game reports already here but not categorized as such: if you wrote some of those, please put them in the appropriate categories so that interested players can find them and enjoy.

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Robin Patterson Robin Patterson 9 June 2017

Free game gets great review

Sid Gingham has written: " Although C-Evo doesn't really do anything that's new for the genre, it's in the execution where it scores so highly and which means this is a must play if you have any interest in such things. Right from the start, this is highly accessible, so even if you haven't played such a game before, you'll be able to leap in without any difficulty. ... does a fantastic job at getting rid of tedious micromanagement ...". See our main C-evo page and Category:C-evo. No money to pay, but expect to spend some enjoyable time!!

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Venz412 Venz412 22 May 2017

Civilized Opinion

If you are a leader of a civilization What is it and Why?

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ZeroOne ZeroOne 27 February 2017

Civilization VI February 2017 Update

Civilization VI recently got its second big update, dubbed the Australian Summer 2017 Update. The update was released simultaneously with the newest DLC, the Australian civilization, and contains the much-anticipated support for Steam Workshop! Full release notes here!

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Venz412 Venz412 19 February 2017


Hello guys, I am Venz412 of the Philippine Isles. my first game that I recently played is the Civilization 4. My first Faction to play is Russia.

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Pinkachu Pinkachu 13 January 2017

Time for the 2017 Couples Bracket Tournament

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JoePlay JoePlay 21 December 2016

Civilization VI Winter 2016 Update


Here are the patch notes:


  • Added Earth map (Standard size)
  • Added “Alert” action for units
    • Put a unit to sleep until they spot an enemy unit
  • Scenario setup menu
    • Jump into Scenarios more easily within the Single Player menu. This only shows up when a single player scenario is available and enabled (as can be found in both of the new DLCs!)
  • Added new replay option to Wonder completion movies


  • Religious units may now Fortify Until Healed
  • Coastal Raids can now pillage districts in addition to the buildings within
  • Great Admirals are no longer allowed to spawn on wonders in water tiles (ex. Huey, Great Lighthouse) so they cannot become stranded in lakes


  • Cities can no longer receive yields from more than one regio…
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JoePlay JoePlay 18 November 2016

Civilization VI Fall 2016 Update

Full details at

Here is the full list of patch notes:


  • Maps
    • Added a balanced six player map.
    • Added a balanced four player map.
  • ‘Cavalry and Cannonades’ Scenario Added
    • Combat scenario with reduced unit maintenance costs and no strategic resource requirement for units.
    • Larger starting army and additional starting techs.
    • Time limit: 50 turns.
    • Goal: Possess the largest territory.
  • DX12 Support
  • Complete Logitech ARX Support


  • Added additional notifications.
  • Added a “time defeat” for running out of time. This is always disabled if a Score Victory is available.
  • Added additional Hotkey support (next unit, next city).
  • Added the ability to rename cities.
  • Added UI to sh…
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Emptylord Emptylord 1 November 2016

Civilization VI: Aquaculture (Custom Expansion)

  • Larger variety of ocean tiles, similar to land tiles. Rough waters, reefs, polar waters, etc.
  • Canals, dams and bridges.
  • Fishing/Aquaculture.
  • More things for builders to do in the water (e.g. Lighthouses as a tile improvement instead of a Harbour building).
  • More things to do in the ocean (e.g. Fishing Trawlers that can operate outside your territory).

I became so accustomed in Rising Tide to having useful oceans that it feels really lame going back to them being an essentially barren expanse, even in later eras where things like tidal power stations would make sense!. While rivers are too thin to go all-out on humanity's historical relationship with rivers, fisheries could still be placed in adjacent tiles to provide an alternative to agricultur…

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