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For the Policy Card, see Inspiration (Civ6).
Masonry Eureka moment (Civ6)

An example of a Eureka, providing a boost towards the Masonry technology

Reformed Church Eureka moment (Civ6)

An example of an Inspiration, providing a boost towards the Reformed Church civic

Boosts are a brand new feature introduced in Civilization VI, representing real-life moments of enlightenment which lead to groundbreaking inventions. The two types of boosts in the game - Eureka6 Eurekas and Inspiration6 Inspirations - act as specific ways to progress through the technology and civics tree (respectively) at a much faster rate.


Boosts are particular gameplay objectives which are tied to a certain tech or civic, and upon completion, players gain 50% (40% after Rise and Fall) of the Civ6Science Science or Civ6Culture Culture required to discover it, plus an additional 10% if you play as China, or if you have the Free Inquiry/Pen, Brush and Voice dedications. For example, you will gain a fraction of the Civ6Science Science required to unlock Masonry when you build a Quarry, and a fraction of the Civ6Culture Culture required for Drama and Poetry when you build a wonder. The boost may be activated at any time as long as the respective tech/civic is not yet completed, and can even complete the research in the event that you have already accumulated enough progress in that tech/civic. The interface represents the potential progress boost a Eureka6 Eureka or Inspiration6 Inspiration would give you via a hollowed-out color bar in the Progress circle of the tech/civic icon. This hollowed-out bar moves together with any actual research you make on the tech/civic (shown by the bar filling with color). Use this in case you are already researching a tech or civic, and are close to activating its Eureka6 Eureka/Inspiration6 Inspiration - thus you will be able to stop on time and not waste your research by spending more turns than necessary.

Most technologies and practically all civics in the game have Eureka6 Eurekas or Inspiration6 Inspirations. The only exceptions are the first three technologies (Animal Husbandry, Mining and Pottery) and the first civic (Code of Laws), all of which have none. Most technologies in the Information Era and Future Era can only be boosted through Scientist6 Great Scientists and Spies. Ideology and civics in the Future Era can never be boosted.

Other sources of boostsEdit

Apart from Eureka6 Eurekas and Inspiration6 Inspirations earned by performing a designated task, you can earn boosts through:

  • Activating Tribal Villages. Each activation may boost one or two random techs/civics which you have not boosted yet.
  • Activating GreatPerson6 Great People. Most Great Scientists, as well as a small number of other GreatPerson6 Great People, have the ability to boost random techs (and in some cases, civics).
  • Espionage. Spies can perform the Steal Tech mission in foreign cities and acquire boosts for technologies.
  • Research Agreements with friendly or allied civilizations, which also activate the boost for a certain technology upon which both partners agree. (Applies to vanilla Civilization VI only.)
  • Research Alliances. From level 2 onward, you and your ally can unlock a Eureka6 Eureka for a technology that neither has researched. (Applies to Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm only.)

Note that each boost can only be activated once. For instance, if you earn the Archery Eureka6 Eureka by visiting a Tribal Village, killing a unit with a Slinger will not give you more progress.

List of Eurekas and InspirationsEdit

Main article: List of technologies in Civ6
Main article: List of civics in Civ6


The main goal of the boost system is to diversify the development of a civilization according to unique sets of elements present in each playthrough. Their activation depends on the most diverse things: particular features in nearby terrain, battle conditions, or sometimes simply chance events in the game. It is also possible to get these boosts through activating Tribal Villages, which makes the system even more random! You can never be sure what sort of bonuses the game will give you, so you will have to change your strategy accordingly, even when playing with the same civilization! For example, sometimes circumstances will give you early access to a certain wonder, offering you the compelling temptation to go for it (even if your strategy doesn't call for this). Other times, the boosts will throw you into a different part of the tech or civics tree altogether, again requiring a strategy adjustment. A wise player will always take Eureka6 Eurekas and Inspiration6 Inspirations into account, and use the opportunities they give instead of insisting on a fixed research strategy - this way, progress will be much faster.

Related achievementsEdit

Steam achievement Archimedes Bath (Civ6)
Archimedes Bath
Get 5 Tech boosts in 1 turn
Legend tells that Archimedes, upon noticing the displacement of water in his bath, exclaimed 'Eureka!' as he realized it was directly proportional to the volume of his body as it was submerged.
Steam achievement Civ 6 Civets System (Civ6)
Civ 6 Civets System
Get 5 Civic boosts in 1 turn
Possibly a reference to the CIVETS, a group of six favored emerging markets countries (Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa).
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