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Borders of your civilization grow as Culture Culture accumulates. Borders also offer full visibility of adjacent tiles.

City Borders[]

Upon founding a new city, all tiles around the City Center are claimed, plus additional tiles extending outward. For Russia, their civilization ability greatly amplifies this effect. Note that it can't claim tiles of another civilization.

Cities will gradually claim additional tiles as Culture Culture is accrued. Additionally, individual tiles can be purchased for Gold Gold (up to three hexes away from City Center).

Border Rules[]

Initially, borders will be open and weakly defined, enabling units from other civilizations and city-states to enter. Once the Early Empire civic is researched, borders will switch to closed. Unless an Open Borders agreement is made, attempting to enter closed borders constitutes an act of war. For city-states, Open Borders is granted to players that have reached Suzerain status or slotted the Gunboat Diplomacy policy card. João III also has Open Borders with all city-states due to his leader ability.

Note that Traders and religious units are exempt from these rules, and may pass into closed borders. This means Missionaries and Apostles can be used to perform reconnaissance in foreign lands. Additionally, the Terracotta Army wonder grants Archaeologists the ability to enter closed borders.

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