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Brasilia (CivBE).png
Organization of South American States
Leader Rejinaldo Bolivar
Capital Cidadela

Units have a +10% Strength Strength in melee combat
Units have a +5 Heal when fortified

Brasilia is a civilization in the world of Beyond Earth.

It most probably consists of Brazil and some other South American countries. They are a benign dictatorship ruled under martial law by the strong and charismatic Rejinaldo Bolivar De Alencar-Araripe.

Perhaps as a way of showing the pervasive amalgamation of South American culture of his time, Brasilia's leader speaks what appears to be Spanish and not Portuguese (Portuguese being the native language of Brazil).

Brasílian Strategies[]

Brasilia is the only faction with a military advantage, which not only gives a head start in fights in the early game, but is also useful to attain the Conquest and Supremacy victories, as both depend on building large and strong armies.

Character Trait RT only.png[]

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Guerrilla Mastery
Level Bonus
Level 1 War Score points increased by 30%. Gain 1 Diplomatic Capital Diplomatic Capital for each Unit killed in combat.
Level 2 War Score points increased by 40%. Gain 1 Diplomatic Capital Diplomatic Capital for each Unit killed in combat.
Level 3 War Score points increased by 50%. Gain 1 Diplomatic Capital Diplomatic Capital for each Unit killed in combat.

Civilopedia entry[]

First among Equals[]

Although far from the events of the Great Mistake, the crisis was still a shock to the political and economic life of the Western Hemisphere. In the ecological disaster that followed, Western countries largely looked to their own needs instead of forming large, transnational bodies. In South America, Brasilia suffered as much as any other country, as the Amazon basin flooded with seawater and the rising oceans threatened Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. But Brasilia's burgeoning manufacturing base was resilient, and the country quickly established itself as the nation that could build the equipment needed for rebuilding, the electronics needed for communication, and the medicines needed to fight off disease. Brasilia's stature rose as a regional power.


What cemented Brasilia's stature as a superpower was its commitment to provide peacekeeping forces around the world in the countless crises that sprang up after the Great Mistake. Known in Brasilia as "O Caridade," Brasilian soldiers would guard refugee camps, while crates of Brasilian food and medicine were distributed to the occupants. The Brasilian military's power projection had reached the level that previously only the United States and Soviet Union could meet, and at the end of the worst of the fighting, the national defense forces were tested veterans of some of the hardest insurgencies, low-intensity operations, and sixth-generation warfare ever seen.

Swords to Plowshares[]

The Brasilians helped transition their economy back to a peacetime footing by emulating the old GI bill - educating those soldiers who chose to return to civilian life. In the years that followed, Brasilian engineering programs boomed with cadres of soldier-students, and Brasilia's aerospace program underwent something of a golden age. The country rebuilt its ports, and set about one of the largest infrastructure projects of the post-Mistake world: charting and regulating the expanded Amazon basin as a highway for shipping. Brasilia's new deep-inland ports opened up the highlands of South America to the world in ways that had not previously been possible. The increase in trade increased the wealth of Brasilia, and a series of partnership agreements gave Brasilia friends across the continent. Brasilia is now, without question, the first among peers of the new Latin America.

New Worlds[]

Brasilia's strong aerospace industry and its veteran air force gave the country something of a leg up when the Seeding began. Brasilia was the first nation-state whose ship left the confines of the solar system - a feat of national pride that Brasilians are quick to boast on. This expedition, composed of many of Brasilia's best soldiers and airmen, represented the belief that a colony whose members had been tested in the fire of combat would bring lasting success to the conquest of a new world.

List of Cities[]

Order City Name Language Meaning Notes
1 (Capital) Cidadela Portuguese "Tower/Stronghold"
2 Santo Adrião Portuguese "Saint Adrian"
3 Manoel Portuguese "God is with Us" Masculine name via Hebrew עִמָּנוּאֵל (Immanuel).
4 Dourado Portuguese "Golden"
5 Boa Esperança Portuguese "Good Hope"
6 Fiel Portuguese "Loyal/Faithful"
7 Borda Dura Portuguese "Hard Edge"
8 Batista Aldeia Portuguese "Baptist Village"
9 Fogo Sagrado Portuguese "Sacred Fire"
10 Paraíso Portuguese "Paradise"
11 Ascensão Portuguese "Rise/Ascent"
12 Terra Alegre Portuguese "Cheerful/Joyous Land"
13 Lembrança Portuguese "Memory/Keepsake"
14 Alto Torre Portuguese "High Tower"
15 Bênção Portuguese "Blessing/Consecration"
16 Pacífico Portuguese "Peaceful/Calm"
17 Caminho Celeste Portuguese "Heavenly Way/Path"
18 Monumento Portuguese "Monument"
19 Hélder Portuguese "Elder, Wise person" Masculine name.
20 Lugar de Paz Portuguese "Place of Peace"
RT only.png Introduced in the Rising Tide expansion pack.