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Game Info[]

Advanced cultural building. Requires Museum.

  • +3 Culture Culture (+1 in BNW-only.png)
  • +33% Culture Culture output in this City.
  • BNW-only.png 1 Great Work of Music slot
  • +34% Tourism Tourism in this city with Media Culture Freedom tenet


The Broadcast Tower is the top cultural building in the game, unlocked in the Modern Era. It increases the Culture Culture output of the city, both with a flat amount and a percentage, but doesn't provide Specialist slots. In Brave New World it provides one Great Work of Music slot.

Civilopedia entry[]

A broadcast tower "broadcasts" a communications signal - radio, television, so forth - into the air, allowing the signal to be picked up by receivers for miles around. The most important feature of a broadcast tower is its height - the higher the receiver, the farther the signal can be sent. The Empire State Building in Manhattan has been broadcasting signals since 1931. Following the fall of the World Trade Towers in 2001, it is once again the primary broadcasting site in New York City, transmitting signals for nearly all of the city's commercial broadcasting stations.