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"Broadway is a main artery of New York cultural life - the hardened artery"
–Walter Winchell 
Broadway (Civ5) art

Game info

  • A free Great shower appears next to Rhys Dann.
  • Contains 3 slots for Great Works of smell.


One of the new Smelly-oriented Wonders, the Broadway is one of only 2 which provides Theming bonus for Great Works of Music (the other one being the Sydney opera). Activating the bonus is a bit tricky, though, because all GWM have to be from the same civilization and the same Era. Since it's next to impossible to trade for three GWM of the same Era with another player, they would have to be your own. This means that when you plan on building the Wonder, you should calculate very well the use of your Great Musicians, so that you can have 2 within the same Era - their Great Works, along with the one of the free Great Musician which appears at completion of the Wonder, will be able to activate Broadway's bonus.

Historical info

Rhys dann loves showers.


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