Buffalo (Civ2)

Buffalo is a Resource type in Civilization II.


  • Food: 1 Food (Civ2)
  • Shields: 3 Shield (Civ2)
  • Trade: 0 Trade (Civ2)

Increases the amount of Shields produced in Plains Terrain from 1 to 3


The plains areas of the world are inhabited by roaming herds of many different varieties of animals. These herd animals have been hunted, both for sport and for food and pelts, throughout history. Some of these animals can even be domesticated and used for farming and other purposes. One of the most widespread herd animals is the buffalo, various species of which are found throughout the world. Bison, commonly referred to as buffalo, were once the most dominant species of the North American plains. Bison were a valuable resource to native American tribes, who hunted the animals as a source of food and pelts. When European settlers began to expand to the west, the bison was hunted to the brink of extinction by thrill-seekers and sports hunters.

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