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Most buildings are workplaces where your units manufacture goods. A brand new colony begins with a few basic buildings. Hammers and Tools are used to build new ones. Some buildings serve other purposes; see below.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Production Worker
Carpenter's Shop Lumber mill - Hammer Master Carpenters
Blacksmith's house Blacksmith's shop Iron works Tools Master Blacksmiths
Tobacconist's house Tobacconist's shop Cigar factory Cigars Master Tobacconists
Weaver's house Weaver's shop Textile mill Cloth Master Weavers
Rum distiller's house Rum distillery Rum factory Rum Master Distillers
Fur trader's house Fur trading post Fur factory Furs Master Fur Traders
Armory Magazine Arsenal Muskets Master Gunsmiths
Schoolhouse College University - -
Town hall - - Liberty bell Elder Statesmen
Chapel Church Cathedral Crosses Firebrand Preachers
Other buildings
Docks Drydock Shipyard Fish Expert Fishermen
Depot Warehouse Warehouse Expansion - -
Printing press Newspaper - Liberty bell -
Stockade Fort Fortress - -
Pasture Stable - Horses -
Custom house - - - -

The Town hall cannot be upgraded. It produces liberty bells by itself if your population is below 3. The Printing press and Newspaper increase your liberty bell production (in the Town hall); they do not directly employ workers.

A Chapel does not permit a Firebrand Preachers to work; you must have a Church or a Cathedral for that. These buildings produce Crosses by themselves.

Docks may only be built in coastal colonies; they allow you to work on water tiles to produce Fish, which become Food. A Drydock lets you repair damaged ships (without one, they will be repaired in Europe), and a Shipyard lets you produce your own ships. These buildings do not directly employ workers. Fishers work on water tiles, and ships are built with Hammers and Tools.

The Depot, Warehouse and Warehouse Expansion are used to store goods. They hold 100, 200 or 300 of each good (respectively).

The Stockade, Fort and Fortress provide a defense bonus to your units inside the colony. They do not produce anything.

A Custom house lets you sell goods directly from your warehouses, without needing to sail them to Europe.

A Stable allows you to breed Horses. You must have at least 2 Horses to begin with (they must be purchased in Europe initially). Horse production requires Grain, and reduces the amount of Food going toward your population increase.

Any building can have a maximum of three workers, with the exception of the Schoolhouse, College and University. Town hall workers (Col)

A Schoolhouse, College or University lets your specialist units teach their skills. These buildings support 1, 2 or 3 simultaneous teachers, respectively. Each teacher may have 1 student at a time. Any skill may be taught in a University; most can be taught in a College; and only the simplest in a Schoolhouse. A Free Colonist may learn any skill this way. An Indentured Servant may become a Free Colonist, and a Petty Criminal may become an Indentured Servant (both of these upgrades are independent of the teacher's specialty).