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Bytegeist (CivBE)Bytegeist
Bytegeist wonder (CivBE)
Wonder in Beyond Earth
Cost 1450 20xProductionBE
Maintenance None
Requires 2 20xFiraxiteBE Firaxite
Swarm Intelligence
Specialist slots None
Effect +5 20xDiplomaticCapitalBE Diplomatic Capital
Notes Virtue Tier Synergy bonus requirements are reduced by 1.

The Bytegeist will permanently tie up 2 Firaxite resources.


"I cannot dislike the Bytegeist, because despite its insufferable chirpy ubiquity, it is entirely too helpful to be without." - Élodie, Remarques


You have accessed the Civilopedia entry for the Bytegeist! Cross index to operating systems? Cross index to social utilities? Cross index to events? Cross index to friendships? Continue record.

Continue record. The Bytegeist is a massively parallel social intelligence gathering and distribution platform. Cross index to social intelligence? Cross index to idea distribution? Continue record.

Continue record. Purpose: The Bytegeist has been created to help you achieve your maximum level of self-realization by efficiently combining swarm agents monitoring social behavior and connect you with others and others' ideas to enhance your social memetosphere. Continue to social memetosphere? Continue to swarm agent processes? Continue record.

Continue record. The Bytegeist's agents continually monitor your social context field in order to anticipate your informational and social needs and connect you to nonlocal assets which may be of value to you in solving your present vexing issues. Cross index to social valuation algorithms? Cross index to social context field monitoring? Continue to Bytegeist history?

Bytegeist history. This version is epsilon-93939-xi. This agent is scheduled to push data to 2-degree swarm agents within 5 minutes. Terminating detail on command. Continuing Bytegeist developmental history.

Bytegeist developmental history. Bytegeist is a revolutionary step beyond cultural archives and personal assistant intelligences to create the first true social network prosthesis. Unlike previous systems, Bytegeist acts in real time, across many agents, synthesizing, analyzing, and disseminating information all to make its users' lives easier. Did you know you accessed Bytegeist 233 times yesterday? Did you know you were only directing 28 of those inquiries? Bytegeist anticipated the rest! Cross index to subroutines.

Bytegeist primary subroutines were first public with version alpha-000030, University of Freedom Department of Informational Sociology, AI authorship classified. Human contributors classified.

You seem to be interested in the development of the Bytegeist! Others interested in the history of the Bytegeist have also researched sociopolitical theory and human/AI interactions. Would you like to know which friends of yours are interested in these topics? Would you like to meet some people who are also interested in this topic?

Thank you! Connecting you now. Your fortune is: Random gene makes something mean. Splice and dice makes something nice. Opening connection.

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