Byzantine cities are cities that can be founded by the Byzantine civilization in Civilization V and its expansions. The first city founded is the Capital5 Capital, and the names of future cities are chosen in the order they appear on the list below.

The names listed are default names; players can change their cities' names if they choose.

Founding Order City Name Notes
1 Constantinople Present-day İstanbul
2 Adrianople Present-day Edirne, capital of Edirne Province, Turkey
3 Nicaea Present-day İznik, Bursa Province, Turkey
4 Antioch Present-day Antakya, capital of Hatay Province, Turkey
5 Varna Capital of Varna Province and the sea capital of Bulgaria
6 Ohrid City in the Southwest Region, North Macedonia
7 Nicomedia Present-day İzmit, capital of Kocaeli Province, Turkey
8 Trebizond Present-day Trabzon, capital of Trabzon Province, Turkey
9 Cherson Ancient Greek colony in Crimea
10 Sardica Present-day Sofia, capital of Bulgaria
11 Ani A fortress city annexed by Byzantium in 1046
12 Dyrrachium Present-day Durrës, capital of Durrës County, Albania
13 Edessa Present-day Şanlıurfa, capital of Şanlıurfa Province, Turkey
14 Chalcedon Present-day Kurbağalıdere, Istanbul Province, Turkey
15 Naissus Present day Niš, a city in Serbia
16 Bari Capital of Puglia Region, Italy
17 Iconium Present-day Konya, capital of Konya Province, Turkey
18 Prilep City in the Pelagonia Region, FYRO Macedonia
19 Samosata Present-day Samsat, Adıyaman Province, Turkey
20 Kars Capital of Kars Province, Turkey
21 Nicopolis Eventually supplanted by Preveza
22 Theodosiopolis Modern Erzurum in Turkey
23 Tyana Present-day Kemerhisar, Niğde Province, Turkey
24 Gaza Largest city in the Palestinian Territories
25 Kerkyra Corfu in English; capital of Iónioi Nísoi Region, Greece
26 Phoenice Present-day Finiq, Vlorë County, Albania
27 Selymbria Present-day Silivri, İstanbul Province, Turkey
28 Sillyon Greek spelling, was spelled Syllaeum or Syllaion in Byzantine times; an important fortress near Attaleia
29 Chrysopolis Present-day Üsküdar, Turkey
30 Vodena Present-day Édessa, Kentrikí Makedonía Region, Greece
31 Caesarea Maritima Present-day Caesarea, Israel
32 Traianoupoli Now part of the modern city of Alexandroupoli
33 Constantia Present-day Constanța, capital of Constanța County, Romania
34 Athens Shared with Greece, not buildable if they are in the game
35 Patra Capital of Dytikí Ellás Region, Greece
36 Korinthos Corinth in English
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