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CEL Cradle
CEL Cradle (CivBE).png
Building in Beyond Earth
Cost 310 Production
Maintenance 1 Energy Energy
Requires 4 Supremacy Supremacy
Artificial Intelligence
Specialist slots 4 Artists
Effect None
Notes None

Once you build your first CEL Cradle you get a quest, "BY OUR POWERS COMBINED", to gain another covert operations agent.

History[edit source]

One step towards true surrogacy was the evolution of the CEL cradle, a prototype distributed brain-computer interface that allows multiple individuals to share sensory input and interpretation. In a CEL (“Collective Emotional Link”), a quantum computer links individuals in a form of Durkheimian shared consciousness, whereby each can experience the emotions of others while viewing or hearing the same piece of work (art, music, media, literature, etc.). Unlike memes bringing groupthink, the CEL experience brings an appreciation of the aesthetics and epiphanies others feel upon engaging a cultural artifact while the individual retains their own. In a number of colonial settlements, CEL cradles became popular – first among creative artists working on collaborative projects (CEL has been termed the ultimate collaboration by reviewers), later by the general public seeking to engage artworks on a level never before available to them. In terms of creativity, these institutions were termed “cradles” for their propagation of new art forms and aesthetics. The process of a CEL is straightforward: each individual is linked to a server via a brain-interface implant; all then experience a piece of work simultaneously through their own senses. The emotive responses are downloaded to the quantum computer, where sophisticated software converts and merges these to be returned to all the members of the group. While the first CEL cradles were capable of handling small groups only, research in the process continues to increase this number.

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