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This is a scenario for Civilization: Call to Power. There's 24 players, it uses the regular large size Earth map from Civilization II with all of its geographical errors. Each of the 24 players only gets one earth land and sea city, but each city you get is randomly placed.


The game begins in 2102 AD and each turn is 2 years, so in 50 turns it's 2200 AD. Historically from Call to Power's own lore, there is supposed to be the Egalitarian Act in the 2090s after World War III (2050-2085) was fought. So this means that in the period from 2100 AD to when ever the game end will still have a politically divided world. The game ends in 3000 AD, but can last to 4000 AD if this time extender mod is used.


There are 24 players and each player represents his or her future version in the 22nd century, so Romans represent Italians, and Assyrians represent Iraqis, etc. For some reason the maker of this decided to not put in Regional Supra-national states or allied powers. So this means that the Americans don't get to have the cities in Canada, Japan, Israel or Mexico. The made for play is Civilization is American however so this means that as Player 1 your goal could be to conquer these other civilizations, although it's not required to win the game militarily. The game could be won with Victory points and won on game score alone if the game player manages to make it to the year 3000 without being conquered.