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Camouflage is a Tier IV promotion for recon units in Civilization VI. It requires Spyglass or Ambush.

Effects Edit

Invisible to enemy units that are not in an adjacent tile.

Civilopedia entryEdit

Whereas the sneaky barbarians had always used camouflage (of a sort, although the dirt and filth hid a lot), honorable soldiers didn't hide from the enemy. But the advent of the long-range musket and the Baker rifle made concealing oneself a survival necessity. During the French & Indian War the rifle-armed Rogers' Rangers wore gray and green uniforms, which blended in with the woodlands. During the Napoleonic Wars, the Portuguese Caçadores favored brown-jackets which helped conceal them. By the time of the First World War, all the major nations – save the French – had given up their red, white, and bright blue uniforms which made such lovely targets.

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