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Paris, the French capital, is producing a Worker.

The CapitalGold4.png Capital in Civilization IV is the primary city of your civilization, characterized by the existence of its Palace.

Capital functions[]

The first city that your starting Settler unit has constructed becomes your CapitalGold4.png Capital (with a free Palace), until you decide to build a new Palace in another city, which causes that city to replace your existing CapitalGold4.png Capital, and your Palace to be moved to that city.

Secondary capital[]

A city which contains the Forbidden Palace National Wonder or the Versailles Great Wonder will become a capital for the purposes of maintenance. The city banner will show the following icon: CapitalSilver4.png. Cities nearby these "secondary" capitals will have a reduced maintenance penalty from distance. Secondary capitals do not benefit from the increased Coin (Civ4).png Commerce or Hammer (Civ4).png Production from Bureaucracy.

List of capitals[]

Civilization Capital
American American Washington
Arabian Arabian Mecca
Aztec Aztec Tenochtitlan
Babylonian Babylonian Babylon
Byzantine Byzantine Constantinople
Carthaginian Carthaginian Carthage
Celtic Celtic Bibracte
Chinese Chinese Beijing
Dutch Dutch Amsterdam
Egyptian Egyptian Thebes
English English London
Ethiopian Ethiopian Aksum
French French Paris
German German Berlin
Greek Greek Athens
Holy Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire Aachen
Incan Incan Cuzco
Indian Indian Delhi
Japanese Japanese Kyoto
Khmer Khmer Yasodharapura
Korean Korean Seoul
Malinese Malinese Timbuktu
Mayan Mayan Mutal
Mongolian Mongolian Karakorum
Native American Native American Cahokia
Ottoman Ottoman Istanbul
Persian Persian Persepolis
Portuguese Portuguese Lisbon
Roman Roman Rome
Russian Russian Moscow
Spanish Spanish Madrid
Sumerian Sumerian Uruk
Viking Viking Nidaros
Zulu Zulu Ulundi