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Capital (Civ6)

Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian capital, is receiving benefits from many city-states.

Your Capital Capital is the city that contains your Palace, the center of your empire and your power as ruler. As the capital is your civilization's first and greatest city, it is usually the most glorious and productive city in your empire, and a conqueror's greatest prize!

The first city you settle will automatically become your Capital Capital at the beginning of the game, and is also considered your "original capital" for the purposes of a Domination Victory - to win in this manner, you must control both your original capital and all other players' original capitals. If your capital is captured, the Palace (as well as the Capital Capital status) will move to your next largest city.

In addition to the bonuses it receives from the Palace, without the Ethiopia Pack, the Capital Capital is the only city that benefits when you have 1 or 2 Envoy Envoys at a city-state. There are also some policy cards, such as God King, Colonial Offices, and Colonial Taxes, that affect either the Capital Capital or cities located on a continent different from the Capital Capital's continent.

List of capitals[]

Civilization Capital
American American Washington
Arabian Arabian Cairo
Australian Australian Canberra
Aztec Aztec Tenochtitlan
Babylonian Babylonian Babylon
Brazilian Brazilian Rio de Janeiro
Byzantine Byzantine Constantinople
Canadian Canadian Ottawa
Chinese Chinese (Qin Shi Huang) Xi'an
Chinese Chinese (Kublai Khan and Yongle) Beijing
Chinese Chinese (Wu Zetian) Shendu
Cree Cree Mikisiw-Wacîhk
Dutch Dutch Amsterdam
Egyptian Egyptian (Cleopatra) Râ-Kedet
Egyptian Egyptian (Ramses II) Thebes
English English London
Ethiopian Ethiopian Addis Ababa
French French Paris
Gallic Gallic Aduatuca
Georgian Georgian Tbilisi
German German (Frederick Barbarossa) Aachen
German German (Ludwig II) Munich
Gran Colombian Gran Colombian Bogotá
Greek Greek (Pericles) Athens
Greek Greek (Gorgo) Sparta
Hungarian Hungarian Buda
Incan Incan Qusqu
Indian Indian (Gandhi) Delhi
Indian Indian (Chandragupta) Patna
Indonesian Indonesian Majapahit
Japanese Japanese (Hojo Tokimune) Kyoto
Japanese Japanese (Tokugawa) Tokyo
Khmer Khmer Angkor Thom
Kongolese Kongolese (Mvemba a Nzinga) Mbanza Kongo
Kongolese Kongolese (Nzinga Mbande) Kabasa
Korean Korean (Seondeok) Gyeongju
Korean Korean (Sejong) Seoul
Macedonian Macedonian Pella
Malian Malian Niani
Māori Māori Te Hokianga-nui-a-kupe
Mapuche Mapuche Ngulu Mapu
Mayan Mayan Wak Kab'nal
Mongolian Mongolian (Genghis Khan) Qaraqorum
Mongolian Mongolian (Kublai Khan) Xanadu
Norwegian Norwegian Nidaros
Nubian Nubian Meroë
Ottoman Ottoman Istanbul
Persian Persian (Cyrus) Pasargadae
Persian Persian (Nader Shah) Mashhad
Phoenician Phoenician Tyre*
Polish Polish Kraków
Portuguese Portuguese Lisbon
Roman Roman Rome
Russian Russian St. Petersburg
Scottish Scottish Stirling
Scythian Scythian Pokrovka
Spanish Spanish Madrid
Sumerian Sumerian Uruk
Swedish Swedish Stockholm
Vietnamese Vietnamese Thăng Long
Zulu Zulu Ulundi

* Can be changed by completing Dido's Move Capital project.

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