Capou Agha is an additional title for Ibrahim the Grand Vizier.

Capou Agha is a Level 2 title for Ibrahim, a unique Governor in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. It requires Serasker.

Effects[edit | edit source]

When established in a foreign Capital Capital, Grievances Grievances from the city owner against you are reduced by 1 more per turn.

Civilopedia entry[edit | edit source]

The Capou agha is the captain of the gate and was one of the foremost positions for eunuchs at Topkapi Palace. Note that it is believed that Ibrahim Pasha was not a eunuch, despite possessing this title.

Civilization VI Governors [edit]

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Ibrahim GS-Only.png

Capou AghaGrand VizierHead FalconerKhass-Oda-BashiPashaSerasker


AmusementAquacultureGuildmasterInfrastructureParks and RecreationReinforced Materials GS-Only.pngWater Works GS-Only.pngZoning Commissioner


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Air Defense InitiativeArms Race Proponent GS-Only.pngDefense LogisticsEmbrasureGarrison CommanderRedoubtSecurity Expert

GS-Only.png Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.

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