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Game InfoEdit

Basic trading building.

  • Land trade routes originating from this city have a 50% increase in range and produce an additional 2 20xGold5 Gold when connecting to another civilization.


The Caravansary is a building added in Brave New World that enhances the effectiveness of land trade routes. Try to build it in important city hubs and then initiate your International Trade routes from there for maximum efficiency and range.

Civilopedia entryEdit

As caravan routes expanded across the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa, the need for places where pack-animal caravans could pause for rest, shelter and safety grew. Public caravansaries were complexes built outside the walls of towns and cities; private ones usually took the form of walled enclosures with storerooms and sleeping quarters, stables and kitchens, surrounding a central courtyard. The largest could accommodate hundreds of camels, mules or horses. Most caravansaries provided basic supplies - for a fee - such as water, fodder, food, clothing and other supplies for the journey. The oldest recorded caravansaries were found along the Persian Empire's Royal Road, stretching some 1600 km (1000 miles) from Sardis to Susa.

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